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  1. mr.jeepster


    HELLO EVERYONE.. I got the clock bug again been along time and pick up this early model ? I don't know nothing about these clocks. German clocks I'm alright but these nothing . It looks like made of oak and very heavy , runs good and main springs look like they made for a truck. thanks guys
  2. mr.jeepster

    Lenzkirch clock ?

    I pick it up Friday from a guy I been dealing with for a couple of years. I bought a couple of gustav beckers in the past fro him. He told me it was a lenzkirch early year. I can't find that sign in any of my books. I know in before 1870 they had no marks on movement but is this a lenzkirch? I'm...
  3. mr.jeepster

    Need help Identifying german maker?

    I found a tall case in a shop today and it needs a new home. I look at the movement and it was german but the marker sign I can't find. I thought it was a Furtwangler LFS but not with a candle inside the saw blade. So i'm going to wait to buy it-the case some needs work ..thanks guy's!!
  4. mr.jeepster

    what maker is this clock

    I need help trying to find out what kind and how old is this clock.thanks guys. - - - Updated - - - It a single weight on the right side of clock on a pulley system..
  5. mr.jeepster

    Giving away- movement and chime rod for New Haven banjo clock

    I'm giving away a running good movement for a New Haven waring banjo clock.. I got the clock last week and someone put this movement in the clock , so I change it to a 332 time only. The movement is good and running-has no maker on it.. comes with chime rod too.. I'll give it to someone that...
  6. mr.jeepster

    kieninger movement

    I bought a clock off craig's list for 40.00 today and it's missing the weight's, the movement looks very good and I can't find the weight for the movement and what size the shells are. The clock is 52 inch tall and only 2 weights and movement has only 80cm pendulum and a 79p stamp on it.thanks...
  7. mr.jeepster

    LOST- revere bennington grandfather clock -REWARD

    The clock was in Minooka,ILL . My ex-wife gave this clock away or sold it to someone? It's just the case only, I still have the complete movement for it.. I miss this clock. I will give reward money or finder fee for location.. thanks
  8. mr.jeepster

    New haven banjo waring clock

    I been looking here & there for a picture of the movement 332 time only. I have that model and it came in a basket of parts and a wrong movement. I need a picture of the clock with the cover and door open and see how the pendulum hangs from the movement.. thanks guy's..
  9. mr.jeepster

    Warmink Wuba wall clock

    I just pick up this warmink wuba clock , looks great and movement looks like it never ran on wall. There are parts missing like the pendulum, leader and a bell. Does any know of a place that sells parts for these clock? I already check ebay and don't know what size and lenth it is for this...
  10. mr.jeepster

    mainspring help

    I'm looking for a mainspring for that swiss gold pocket watch from 1860's . I see them on ebay but I don't know what to get or if it will fit.. Here is the lenth 22inch long 2mm wide and .005 thick. or if anyone has one PM me -thanks
  11. mr.jeepster

    How to open the mainspring housing?

    Took everything apart now and ready for the sonic cleaner. I bought the hand remover tool and worked great. ( and I didn't even break nothing) Now my problem is with spring housing without killing it-How do you open the drum? Or if someone has a spring that would fit and would like to put the...
  12. mr.jeepster

    Trying to ID watch

    Im trying to get a pocket watch ID. Looks swiss? I don't know? I'm starting to get into pocket watches. I found this and I'm going to take it apart and learn how to do watches in my spare time. I been out of the clock's thing for over a year now and I want to get back into it again. The watch...
  13. mr.jeepster

    Joe Collins winder works great!!!

    Guy's I finally had to buy one!! I had a close call a couple of weeks ago and it scared me this time!!! I was putting a brand new spring into a becker barrel and this thing came out of my glove hands and it hit me in the neck and my neck started bleeding !!! I said no-more by hand!! so I bought...
  14. mr.jeepster

    Gustav Becker clock

    Just got the clock tonight and ready to take her apart. The clock is 48" tall ,made around 1900? -> posts merged by system <- here's the picture's
  15. mr.jeepster

    German grandfather clock on Craigslist

    I'm kinda nervous on this one on craigslist ,I might just let this pass me up! But here is a story on it . I call the guy up and he told me he bought a whole house of stuff and is tring to sell it fast!! But he is the kicker the clock is over 6 feet tall and weight only 15lbs -he saids it very...
  16. mr.jeepster

    berger wurker open swinger clock

    I just pick this clock up, it is a berger wurker open swinger clock from 1910? It need's a good cleaning and the front glass was gone. I have not seen that many of this brand out there. I first thought it was a becker clock but it was this brand from germany. The chime rods go through the clock...
  17. mr.jeepster

    How do you guy's get the plates to look like mirror's on the 400 day clock's??

    I been reading and reading and can't find the secret to get the plates like a mirror. I try everyway and almost got my finger cut off by the homemade buffer that I made out of a old furance blower fan that turns about 20,000,000,000,000 rpm and when the plate got caught and the thing rip my...
  18. mr.jeepster

    seth thomas acquisition 792

    Here is mine electo clock that I just add to my collection . It's seth thomas version from the 1970's? It's different then the older one's , this has the board on the bottom and needs alot of work on the brass. It don't work like 95% of them.. My coil is open and I been reading the guy's web...
  19. mr.jeepster

    Non-Clock People don't know how to ship a clock!!!

    Look at this clock that I bought on fleebay. The guy double box it and had so much bubble wrap on it but he didn't take off the pendulum. The suspension spring broke and cause all this damage. I paid for insurance and there is none on it found out from post office. I think I can maybe buff it...
  20. mr.jeepster

    Post your chime rods and gong's !!!

    post your chime rods and gong's. Take picture's best you can do -so people can look it up and see what clock they are for !! It's like going into a antique store or auction and sometimes they don't let you see the movement. Now if we post them here you can get a idea what clock it is. Someone...
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