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    Another Vanguard Arrived Today

    Here is my latest acquisition. It is an upjeweled (plugged 23j) Waltham Vanguard. S/N 1201313 with a very nice display back. Runs with rail road accuracy and looks flawless too.
  2. J

    Seth Thomas Bismark

    Hi everyone, I just purchased another really nice piece for my collection which seems to defy the books and databases that I have used to look it up. What I have is a Seth Thomas 18s SW LS Nickel 3/4 sketetonized plate, hunter case, with Bismark written on the dial and on the movement.S/N 86405...
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    Show Your Roy Cases

    Hi everyone, While browsing through the informational threads on case makers I was able to look up information from a casemaker in my home town of Brooklyn NY. The company name was Roy and was known to have very exquisitly engraved cases . Unfortunately the black and white photos do not do...
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    Here's my Crescent Streets

    First up S/N 7786388 ca 1896 in what appears to be an original case with a snowflake pattern and 24hr Roman Numeral dial
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    Need Help From the Experts

    While looking through display cased watches for a previous thread, I came across a Non-Magnetic Watch Company of America 18s that has me stumped. There is no mention of jewel count and I got it so long ago I have no idea of anything except a copy of The A C B Jewlers circular price list that was...
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    An interesting find

    While looking through the Ehrhart Meggers book on vintage watches I was admiring some really beautiful Waltham's when I stumbled across something that looked very familiar. In the book was a watch whos dial looked identical to one I own. Not only was the dial the same (most likely an O'Hara) the...
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    Another Rockford for my Collection

    Here is my latest addition. It is a VERY low Serial Number (4942) Rockford 18s Model 1 KW/KS 9Jewel marked EXTRA with a Hurds Patent Micro Regulator. It is housed in a coin silver case. Hands are incorrect, but thanks to Marty a correct set is on the way. Special thanks to Bila for explaing the...
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    My latest Rockford

    Hello fellow collectors, Today I received my latest fleabay purchase. It is a 1889 18s 16 jewel grade 88 tu tone with functioning L. P switch S/N 338028. It is housed in a Fayhys Montauk No.1 gold filled case. Only drawback, seller stated it had a missing case screw but in fact it appears...
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    My latest purchase

    Hi fellow collectors, I picked up this tu tone PL Rockford on fleabay. I beleive this is a model 825 18s in a swing out case. Both the movement and dial are marked C Verwers. I have a new appreciation for Rockys. This is the 5th in my collection. James
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    Innovator or imitator

    Hello fellow collectors, I have been doing my homework finding out as much as I can on special features on certain Rockfords, Elgins etc and found many similarities. I was curious as to what brands were the inovators and who imitated certain features. Elgin for example is known for its...
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    Question about NAWCC

    Hello Everyone, I have a question about the Bulletin that is put out by the NAWCC. It seems that I am not recieving the Bulletins and Mart News anymore. I had to call to get the November/December edition sent to me and now I am still waiting for the January/Febuary 2021 edition to be sent...
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    Another Rockford in my mailbox

    I must admit, I was not really a Rockford fan. After seeing posts by Billa, Darragh, Greg and I few others, I am well on my way to becoming a fan. Here is the 4th Rockford that arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It was a fleabay purchase, reasonably priced and it actually keeps decent time. This...
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    Frosted Movements

    Hi everyone and Happy and Healthy New Year. I must have too much time on my hands that I ask all these questions but I am very appreciative for the responses. I am curious about frosted movements. I see quite a few from time to time come up for sale but I am curious as to if these were made...
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    Open face movements in Hunter cases

    I know many Hunter movements have been placed in open face cases thus making them sidewinders, but I have read nothing about open face movements in hunter cases. I recently went to recase a watch that was in dire need of a new case and all I had was a hunter case. I really like the result and...
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    Assistance needed from the experts

    Hello fellow collectors, I have a problem with a Waltham S/N 18202761 that I just recased. It is a stem wind stem set.The case is a flip up non magnetic shield Pioneer case. The problem is the watch can only be wound when the stem is held down. The hands move in the "neutral position"...
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    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to all my NWACC friends. Best wishes this Holiday Season for health peace and joy for the New Year James
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    Reproduction Hands

    Hello collectors, I an curious as to if anyone knows if reproduction hands are being produced for some of the more difficult hand types that are unavailable through the normal channels. I have been looking everywhere for a moon sweep seconds hand for 16s Elgin and have only been able to find...
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    Making my Hamilton "correct"

    Hello everyone, I have had some free time lately and decided to update some issues with watches I have posted in the past that fellow collectors were kind enough to critique as being wrong. Some had single sunk dial when double sunk would have been used, wrong script on dial etc. Here is...
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    Elgin Doctors Watch Arrived - Experimental / Special Run Sweep Second hand

    Hello fellow collectors, as I anxiously await my newest purchase I am reaching out to the members if they can add some information to this mystery run of Elgins. I picked up an Elgin Cronograph (Doctors Watch) S/N 375028. This is listed in the pocketwatch database as a model 23 10s key wind...
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    Hamilton 943

    Hello fellow collectors, I was looking through my Hamilton collection and found this Hamilton 943 along with a triple signed 940 and 942 version. After compairing the three I noticed the 943 did not have "motor barrel" on the movement but did have 943, double roller, and adjusted 6 positions...

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