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    Approximate Age and Model

    I know all these Waterbury clocks have model names for the series when they wre produced. This one has patent dates of 5/24/1910, 1/23/1917, 1/29/1918, & 6/5/1924 written on the back along with Made in USA by the Waterbury Clock Co. USA. Does anyone know the model name & approximate date of...
  2. J

    Help me identify this clock

    I'm guessing this is French. I can't make out anything on the legend and I don't have a clue as to the maker or the period of Mfg. Any information you can furnish would be appreciated.
  3. J

    Need Help Identifying Clock

    Strange German Clock. Someone painted pictures on the cabinet. I took some pictures of the works as best I could. The trademark on the back of the works is an eagle with a banner flowing down, the initials as best I can read them is R & K, with another K below the other R&K. The serial # is...
  4. J

    Help with Maker and Age

    This clock has been with me for some time & I would like to have some info as to the age & maker if possible. The face of the clock has been painted over, because it was originally silver, and so faded that the numbers could not be read. I had the plate polished and a new face painted on it. As...
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    Help identifying Maker and Period

    Can I get some help identifying where & when this clock was created. Iv'e had it for many years and think it is time to get it running. I like the looks of it and it sounds good when it chimes. Any comments would be appreciated. There is no information on the case anywhere Jim
  6. J

    No Name Regulator

    Is this clock German or Austrian? It does not have any trademarks but it does have a serial number on the works, i.e. 101587. I guess its early 20th century by its looks. Any Comments as to its age or maker?
  7. J

    Help identifying Maker and Date Mfg

    I would appreciate any help identifying the maker of ths non-chiming clock. The only Id I can see is the numbers 1233 on the works. The case does not have any tags or dates written or scratched anywhere. The weight dropped and pulled the clock from the wall and I'm having it repaired as I write...
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    Mantel Clock with no identifying marks

    Does anyone have any clues where this mantel clock was made or when? I can't find any identifying marks anywhere on the cabinet or the works. I had it out of the case once and remember looking everywhere with no success. I know it once had a glass door on the front which is missing. I was...
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    Need Help Identifying Clock

    I've had this Mantel Clock for about 42 years. I picked it up in England while I was serving with the Armed Forces. I know the maker is Junghans from the marking on the back of the works. Could anyone furnish me with any other info, such as the time of manufacture, or any other useful...
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    Help with Maker and Age

    Can anyone help me determine who the manufacturer of this clock was? If so, do the pictures help identify when the clock was manufactured? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I purchased the clock many years ago while I was in Germany. Thanks Jim
  11. J

    Can Anyone Help me Identify this watch

    I acquired this watch at a flea market in London about 41 years ago. I'm guessing it is a French maker (Brequet) but that's all I can figure out. Does anyone have any other information, after seeing these pictures, that can help identify it's age or anything else about it? Thanks Jim
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    Can Anyone Help me Identify this watch

    I don't have much to go on to identify this watch since I can't figure out how to expose the works to take a picture of them. If you can help me with that I will try to open it. I'm putting the pictures I did take & hopr that's a start. Thanks for any help you can give me. Thanks Jim
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    Need Help Identifying Watch

    I would appreciate help identifying the maker and the approximate age of this watch so that I can decide whether to restore it to working condition. I successfully opened the back and saw the following: "Pat pinion" 2402050, and "Waltham, Mass". On the case the number *56330, AB and various...
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    Need Help Identifying Maker & Age

    I have no clues as to when this clock was made or by what manufacturer. It is unusual in the way the works fit in the case. There is a lever on the left of the works that lets the clock come forward to hang the pendulum & then pushes back in place & secures it with a click. It hangs on a rod...
  15. J

    Can the age of a Cuckoo Clock be Established?

    I've had this cuckoo clock for 41 years. The only identification on the works is the number "15" on the back of the works. I just had the works cleaned & oiled and wondered how old the clock is. If anyone can provide any info I would appreciate any comments. Thanks Jim
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    Could use some help dating this clock

    I picked up this clock some 37 years ago in a shop in Germany for 100 Marks (About $27.00 US). It has a good sound and chimes every quarter hour. I determined it was made by Badische Uhrenfabrik from the trademark. It has a number "6948" on the back of the works and a "31". Can anyone guess at...
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    Any Ideas as to the age of this clock

    According to the trademark I know Junghans made this clock. I see a "A09" marked on the back of the works as well as "104 1/2". I don't have a clue as to what those numbers mean. The face does'nt feel like porcelain, it might be a paper face, I can't tell. Does anyone have any idea as to the...
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    Would like to determine the age of this clock

    I aquired this clock many years ago and I am curious of when it was manufactured. I believe the maker is Friedrick Mauthe Uherfabrrik. It has the serial # 18922 inscribed on the back and also scratched on the back is "W8125" . I have no clue what that is. The clock is 15" wide and 36" high. I...
  19. J

    Seeking help dating Tall Case Clock

    I was reading an old tread of 2005, as a result of an a google search that led me back to NAWCC. I have a tall case 3/4 Westminster made by Hamburg American Clock Company that I am trying to date. I love this clock and the great sound of the chimes. I am posting a picture of the clock and back...
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    Need help dating this Waterbury Clock

    Iv'e had this Alarm clock for about 40 years, but I know it must be older than that. The patents are all from the 1800's. Could anyone give me an idea of an approximate age. I'm thinking of having it overhauled so that it runs again but I'm not sure it is worth fixing. Any responses would be...

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