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    Help IDing a Clock Case Maker

    Hello, Friends! Say, I have this clock that I cannot find any info on. The back of the case has the No. 48 on it. The case is porcelain and in fine shape. Any ideas as to the manufacturer of the case and maybe the who typically placed movements in these clocks...and the date? The movement has...
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    Mantle Clock - Request Information

    Good Day All. I was hoping that some one could tell me more about this recent clock find. It looks french. I see no maker stamp. It is made from marble. You will notice on the back there is a post with a wheel at the end and a string tied to it. What is that for? Again, any information would...
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    French Edwardian Bracket Clock - Tiffany & Co - Request Information

    Good day all! I picked up an old clock that I was wondering if any one on this board can help me with general information and their opinion of the clock. The piece is marked Tiffany & Co and the movement looks to have an 1855 number stamped on the movement. I am curious to know the makers and...
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    Ansonia Viceroy Crystal Regulator

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I have a question regarding the original finish of the Ansonia Viceroy ornamental pieces at the four corners and top finial. This is a link to that clock: I recently piece up one of these fabulous...
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    Ships Clock - Smith Astral

    Hey Guys! Hope everyone is ready for summer!! I had a couple questions on a new purchase... I picked up this Smith Astral Ships Clock. The unit is in excellent working order. I tried doing research on the Net for this particular clock and cannot find any examples with the brass face...
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    Help - Junghans A07 Bracket Clock

    Hi, All! Thanks in advance for reading my post. I am the "newb" on the block collecting clocks. I had, what I think to be, a good find this weekend looking for clocks. I am not a huge fan of the wood cased clocks, but when I saw this, I thought it had to be a good clock. The hi...
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    Crystal Regulators & Brass Carriage Clocks

    I am a newbie to this board and please forgive me if I ask some questions that might seem obvious to some of you clock gurus!! :-) I was wondering if someone could help me gain a better understanding of what to look for in Crystal Regulator Clocks and Brass Carriage Clocks. These are some of...
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    Seth Thomas & Sons Slate Mantle Clock ID Help

    Good Day All! I am a newbie to this board, but been collecting clocks for several years. I love the Crystal Regulators, Marble Mantles and Art Deco pieces. I was at a Antique Flee Market today and picked up a clock that I would like more information about. The dial is market Seth Thomas...

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