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  1. skyclock

    Sears Roebuck Cuckoo weights

    Have not seen much on this. A friend has a 1920s? cuckoo, marked Sears Roebuck with non matching weights. I realize the clock was made in Germany by who knows what company. It is a quarter striking (quail?) and hour striking cuckoo. Eight day clock. Is one of the weights supposed to be...
  2. skyclock

    My posts

    Where do I find the link to my posts so I can check them? I see a link to my pictures and my ignore things and everything else but not to my posts. John
  3. skyclock

    Using "new" site

    Looking at threads in "Post your Gustav Becker clocks here" and when I click on pictures I get an error. Why? I am very frustrated with the new board. I may be in the minority but it sure doesn't seem to work well. It is like I have to go to college to use it. It should be simple and...
  4. skyclock

    Kienzle regulator

    I wish there was a "post your Kienzle clock here" forum! Here is a recent one for me. Any notes/comments are appreciated. Can it be dated? S/N 58226. I don't think there is a Kienzle serial number dating system. Tatyana, what do you say?
  5. skyclock

    Chime drum not Westminster, but what is it?

    I have a grandmother clock with a chime and it isn't Westminster. The chime drum does have 4 pins in a row that I can get to finish at the 1/4 hour and at the end of the 3/4 hour. However all the other notes are not correct. Tough to describe. For example for the 1/2 hour chime a Westminster...
  6. skyclock

    Dating a Herschede can be tough

    Here is one of our Herschede clocks. I have read old threads and posts and see that there are gaps in people's research. How does one determine the date? :confused: It is serial number 44927 and the case is stamped 2031 on the bottom. Cheers, John
  7. skyclock

    How come there isn't a "post your Kienzle" clock here thread?

    Here is a Kienzle I recently worked on.
  8. skyclock

    Help in identifying this German? wall clock

    Any ideas as who the maker is? No identifying marks on the movement.
  9. skyclock

    Colonial clock with Herschede movement

    Hi again. I have read a bunch of old threads on this but have not tied the movement I have with Herschede. An old thread even has the same model number 1217 and same movement pictured but no-one said it was Herschede in the end. I understand that the Colonial clock company got movements from a...
  10. skyclock

    Chapters 59 and 136 Co-Host of SouthWest Regional is complete

    Happy to say that the SouthWest California Regional (Nov 14-16) is now complete. :smile: It was well attended and held at the San Diego County Fairgrounds. :cool: Chapters 59 and 136 hope all were happy with the event and that it was individually useful and successful for all who attended and...

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