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    American PW Waltham suddenly running slow

    I have an 18s Model 1877 PSB grade Waltham that suddenly went from a reliable time keeper to unusable. The last time I had it cleaned and oiled was in 2010 and since that time I carry it maybe two - three days every couple months. When not being worn, I also try to keep it wound for a week...
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    Regulating a Chinese "Charles Hubert"

    Is it possible ? I have a cheap Chinese skeletonized PW branded as a "Charles Hubert" that I use when I need a watch that I don't care if it gets damaged. It actually keeps relatively consistent time. Unfortunately, consistent means also means consistently slow. I popped off the back...
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    Not the most important question, but ....

    If a watch case that lacks a hinged cover for the dial face is called an "Open Face" case, why isn't a case that covers both the front and back called "Closed Face" or "Double Covered" or etc. instead of a "Hunting Case" ? Does anyone know the story of where/when the term "Hunting Case" was...
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    Collecting Question

    About two years ago now, I found myself hopelessly addicted to acquiring and carrying old pocket watches after inheriting a family heirloom PW. Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy when a $10 plastic quartz watch is far more accurate, more reliable and much cheaper. BUT, my small collection now...
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    My First Illinois

    I recently acquired my first Illinois pocket watch. All I know about it is what's indicated on the case and movement. It is a size 12, 17j in a Fahys Montauk 20 year GF Hunter case. The movement's serial number is 3,275,269 which dates it to about 1918. Visually, both the case and the watch...
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    Loose Crown/Stem on Waltham Model 1879

    I have an 18s Model 1879, lever set stem wind, Waltham in a Brooklyn full Hunter case. The crown is very loose side-to-side (winding feel is tight). I have had the crown/stem come out of the case without loosening the pendant set screw. I don't know what the inside of the pendant tube is...
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    11j or 15j ?

    There is another active thread right now about the jewel count for an 18s Hampden which got be thinking about the 6s Hampden I bought earlier this year. My Hampden, sn 597541, ca 1889, is listed in the Hampden database as an 11 jewel movement. I have not taken the watch apart but the back...
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    Hampden Casemarks ?

    I recently acquired a Size 6 Hampden ca 1889 PW in a hunter case. Based on what I have seen regarding Hampden Dueber case marks, the stamped anchor and serpent mark indicate a GF case but does anyone have a clue as to what the "special" mark might indicate ?
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    American PW Hampden PW problem

    I recently bought a 6S lever set Hampden PW (ca 1889) from an e-bay seller. Cosmetically, it is in really very nice condition. It was supposedly serviced before sale and I believe this to be true because the watch runs very nicely. Except at an indicated time of 5:15. This is where the hour...
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    Accutron Repair

    I have an accutron 218 that I just recently woke up from a 35 year period of unused hybernation and it needs the attention of a qualified accutron service technician. Local watchmakers don't deal with accutrons anymore. A web-search turned up several business sites claiming to be "expert" or...
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    Electric WW Accutron Advice Needed

    Way back in the early 1970's, I was given an Accutron model 218 that was never used. It sat in its box for something like 35 years but recently I have taken an interest in wearing it from time to time. So, at the very least, it needs a new battery. It did not take much Googling to find out...
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    B.W.C.Co. Hallmarks

    My model 1877 Waltham is in a case marked B.W.C.Co. Based on some Google searching, I have been assuming this is the mark for the Brooklyn Watch Case Company. What I have not been able to figure out is the lion hallmark. I can find many references on this site and out on the wider web dealing...
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    Waltham Model 1877 Question

    I recently acquired a Model 1877, A.W.Co., PS Bartlett, dated from about 1880, s/n 1,430,424, mounted in a BWCCo (Brooklyn?) gold case. It appears to be in (my novice opinion) nearly new condition and keeps very good time. The only issue I have using this watch on a daily basis is that it...
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    Help Needed Identifying Antique Pocket Watch

    Quite some time ago, I inherited an antique gold cased pocket watch and I recently became interested in trying to learn just what I had. I'm really more interested in learning what I have rather than in any possible value (unless of coarse it has enough value to justify insuring). The watch is...

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