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    Information request Illinois Bunn Special SN 4404775

    Use to have the database on CD but misplaced since my move. Any info is appreciated.
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    Recovering account

    Thank you!
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    Recovering account

    I tried to log in a week or more ago. Could not recover the account. Emailed webmaster with no response. Please help. Thanks, Wes (former NAWCC 156994)
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    Hamilton 992 - collecting - your input is wanted and needed

    I think you did well on the price/value!
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    Chain question

    I highly recommend something with a Spring Ring for positive retention if being worn with pants or jeans. I have heard quite a few complaints of the above chain not being secure enough, and the owner not noticing, until the watch hits the ground. Just my opinion based on unfortunate...
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    A Patented Frankenwatch

    Cort - Busy with life! :D Glad to see another familiar face on here! Its been a while! Are you going to attempt to case this up or leave it as is?
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    A Patented Frankenwatch

    That is a neat project! :o
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    Hampden John C. Dueber Grade?

    What is the approx SN? If before they regulated what watches could be used on Railroad, then it could have been. After they regulated it, (if not grandfathered in) it would have had to have had an Arabic dial, and at least 17 jewels, and adjusted to 5 positions, etc. The staff and roller...
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    Deuber Pocket Watches on Amazon?

    Hello, I have been an NAWCC member for I would think about a decade (#156994). In fact, when the Business Membership status was created, we upgraded to that membership status. As most of the 'old timers' (ie people that have been on this board for quite a while) know, I own...
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    Charles-Hubert Paris watch

    My company sells the Charles Hubert line. They are by far our best selling pocket watches. They also use Japanese quartz, and "Swiss parts" quartz movements, and offer a lifetime warranty. They offer more styles of mechanical pocket watches than anyone else (if I am wrong correct me!). The...
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    Waltham Pocket Watch to be featured on CSI: New York

    Yeah that wouldn't be sharp.... Wrecking a vintage watch or car is not something to write home about. Our conversation did go to cars and he mentioned how folks get real upset when they buy an old car and blow it up or do any harm to it. (That is why I wouldn't sell it without all of the donor...
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    Waltham Pocket Watch to be featured on CSI: New York

    Kent, That was my concern, even though this is an extremely common 12s Waltham. In fact, I would not sell them the watch unless it shipped with the extra case, extra parts movement, new (modern 6497) hands, etc. So, if they did bust up the watch, they did it for fun more than necessity. In...
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    Waltham Pocket Watch to be featured on CSI: New York

    Huh? :?| Think it's time to see a doc for that "retching" problem....
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    Waltham Pocket Watch to be featured on CSI: New York

    We'll see, but I am not sure if you read this part: The watch also shipped with a "stunt double" parts watch and a bunch of extra hands to help ensure the real watch did not get damaged for the show.
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    Waltham Pocket Watch to be featured on CSI: New York

    A few months back one of the property masters from CSI New York purchased a Waltham Pocket Watch from Pocket Watch Site. It has come to my attention that the episode that this prop will be used in airs Wednesday at 10PM Eastern & Pacific, on CBS. The watch also shipped with a "stunt double"...
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    Here's a stupid question on watch fobs

    Here is a great reference regarding how to wear your pocket watch, courtesy of Pocketwatcher. Specifically, here are more photos regarding the watch fob.
  17. W website won't open for me! Need specifics on Serial Number: N793047

    Re: website won't open for me! Need specifics on Serial Number: N793 To be clear, the Elgin Database site ( is not NAWCC property. It is owned by a private individual who graciously spent many many hours developing it and hosting it. We are lucky it is a free...
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    Skeletonized 7 Jewel 18 size Waltham

    What a waste if time for the person that did this. Destroyed a perfectly good piece of history... Have we not had this discussion before? I thought there was a topic to the effect of "Is Skeletonizing good for horology"? Can't find it now, but it may be one of many important topics deleted...
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    Hampden "Golden Gate Special"

    Re: Hampden Fred, At first I was going to tell you that these folks were still in business. Then I read your link. They are (were) one of our customers, and I was going to let them know about this watch. I bet they would love to take it off your hands... Bummer they are closing the...

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