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    Post Your Gustav Becker 400-Day Clocks Here

    Hi Gintaras, Thank you very much for the photos. Indeed, it is correct pendulum. When I used Ipad to look at your first post, I could not see the pendulum very well. with these new photos, it is very clear to me that it is the correct pendulum for the clock. Ming
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    Post Your Gustav Becker 400-Day Clocks Here

    Hi Gintaras, the pendulum does not look correct for the clock. This is my 1903 GB pendulum.
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    Horolovar company still in business

    Good news! I just called the Horolovar company to get some info. They are in business. You can purchase parts from them. Ming
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    Gustav Becker #1845201

    Hi Lin98, it looks fine to me from the photo. I am afraid to clean the silver dial. Ming
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    Gustav Becker #1845201

    Hi Lin98, the buff up color will not be the same as the original parts. The original clock was painted with gold tone lacquer. When you buff up, the brass color will be lighter than the gold tone lacquer. So, you either have to go all the way to polish entire clock or leave it as is. Ming
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    A Tale of Three 49s

    One of my Schatz 49 is 1208R. Ming
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    The quest for power

    Kurt, the Schutz 49 clocks have high degree rotation. Kundo standard will not turns as many degrees. I have a 1949 Kern & Sohne standard clock pendulum turns more than 360º after wound two months. I have a Heco miniature made by Kern & Sohne 1958, its pendulum (6 beats/min) can turn closed to...
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    The quest for power

    Kurt, Again, if all wheels and pivots are fine, the larger overswing will let the clock run longer. Please also do not overlook at the escapement. Make sure the escape wheel teeth land on the locking faces, not on the impulse faces. When the tooth or teeth land on the impulse face, you can see...
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    The quest for power

    Kurt, You did not mention the overswing. If the overswing was set too small, the clock will stop earlier. You can try to change the maximum overswing just enough to avoid the flattering and see if it runs longer. Ming
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    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Eric, the spacer placed between the plate and suspension bracket as shown in your photo will in effect increase the pendulum rotation because the suspension spring is closer to the ankle vertical pin. Ming
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    Early disc pendulum gallery question

    Yes, I did. It was long time ago. I am not able to find it from my contents from this forum. MIng
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    Early disc pendulum gallery question

    Eric, my three-gallery is steel. Ming
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    Repair Guide Supplement

    Eric, Great job. Thank you for sharing. Ming
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    Readily available pivot oil recommendation

    Hi, Julian, The Kundo miniature pivots of escaping wheel and that of the wheel before is easily be bent. So make sure they are not bent. You also want to double check the beat. if everything is correct, clock will run without lubricant. Ming
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    Gustav Becker 400 Day Disc Pendulum

    My c. 1903 clock pendulum weight is 396.3 g (13.8 oz.) using 0.00425" spring. Ming
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    Noises when winding mainspring

    Dell, Synthetic oil for 400 day main spring is great. I am sorry that I misidentify the lubricant you use in your video as grease. Ming
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    Noises when winding mainspring

    I do the cleaning as Dell, but wipe clean the spring and submerge the spring in mineral oil to clean off and wipe clean the spring with Bounty wiper. For 400 day clock spring, the grease Dell uses is too thick. I use 0W-20 synthetic motor oil or Slick50 One Lube. It only needs a thin layer. I...
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    Noises when winding mainspring

    Kurt, you need to use an abrasive pad to take off all the varnish and then use mineral oil to clean off the surfaces. After that, wipe clean the surface and lubricate the spring. I use a thin layer of 0W-20 synthetic oil as lubricant. Again, the key is clean the spring to the bone to get rid of...
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    Noises when winding mainspring

    Kurt, I am sure you cleaned the spring. I do not know if you really clean the spring both surfaces to the steel. The varnished spring can cause the problem you mentioned. Ming
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    Stan, I am sorry to hear what had happened to your house and collections. Sorry for your loss. But most important is that your family members are safe in that fire rampage. I am sure you will rise up from the ash and go on strong with your life. Ming

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