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    Gruen 50th with Swiss platinum case

    Most of the 600 had fine gold cases made by Gruen in Ohio, but the finest were Swiss made and marked as though by Gruen,
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    Montgomery Ward best 6 size

    Bought 1959 from grand daughter of original owner. Best solid gold 6s in catalog $20+ (1905 Illinois?) aetbissell
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    Webster London fine little pocket watch.

    This is about 14 size 18k. Thin for a Liverpool type movement. Bought it for its winding indicator and fine quality and condition. Any thing special about it otherwise? Age? Competition for early Walthams? artbissell.
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    I have one in original box. Know nothing about it. Looks like good quality perhaps influential for Hamilton. that used employees and equipment after it closed. artbissell
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    $ Hamilton 941 special order value

    Silver case 18 size. fine original serviced condition. Uniquely engraved and marked for jewel dealer. artbissell.
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    Rare Hamilton?

    A special order by a small town Jeweler of popular 941.I think only one. He apparently bought quantities of 10 for usual customers. artbissell
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    Seiko Kinetic Battery or Capacitor?

    Found I have an old good one that runs but needs a lot of motion use time to run normally. Most seem to have a replaceable lithium battery, but this one calls it a capacitor. It is useful as is. Are later models wth batteriy storage quicker chargers or are both actually batteries? This old...
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    Waltham model 73

    My first gold watch purchase was this one I saved from scrapping 1979 gold inflation time. Started my collection. .Never saw another like it. Compact 8 size but a heavy thick clumsy case, Maybe the best grade of this movement when made? art b,
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    Waltham Bartlett key winder

    Seems to be all original. Little used and serviced by member Dave Cooper. I assume it precedes the popular model 57? artbissell
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    From son of only owner who no knowledge about it. Carefully used so fiine.condition. Years of research has disclosed only one other to me.Noticed today Winston Churchill got a gift fom Lemania thot is similar but newer movement design without special adjustments, and he used it roughly...
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    Peoria best model?

    First Peoria ever seen by me bought locally. Price guide indicates rarest. I think all original with fine deeply engraved gold fill 18 size case. Lever set 15j movement very well marked and finished. From 1885? artbissell
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    Gruen lady doctor watches

    For nurse heart rate use? Larger 17j one 1930s? Smaller 7j 1940+? Both well used and functional. artbissell
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    Waltham model 72

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    Rockford Model 6

    Recently bought only Rockford I now own because of movement appearance and fine quality service work by Dave Cooper. Not rare or valuable but nice mechanical jewelry. Any comments appreciated. artbissell
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    Waltham 92 lost . Reward.

    A very fine gold hunter cased model 1892 was lost May 5 somewhere west Denver- Boulder.CO. $1000. to finder if not damaged. Artbissell
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    Waltham 92 lost . Reward.

    A very fine gold hunter cased model 1892 was lost May 5 somewhere west Denver- Boulder.CO. $1000. to finder if not damaged. Artbissell
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    Waltham model 83 quality distinction difficult

    Here showing 4 from 1885 to 1891 according to the Serial List. Two American Watch Co., Crescent St., Appleton Tracy. All look same. Oldest 2672012 maybe early rr grade. Others are stem wind with 4261008 American Waltham listed as grade 25 material A, apparently best. artbissell...
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    Howard odd regulators

    Old Howard regulators have any useful practical purpose? I have the movements because they look nice.and not sure they were commonly supplied. artbissell
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    Zenith 1906 nice case

    Large heavy 16+ size 18K Swiss Zenith. Seems to be a prize for the winner of a rower competition. Perhaps a donation by Zenith judging from engraving description of the watch. Their best grade movement of 1906? At least my best grade scrap value purchase. artbissell
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    Who and when made first winding indicator

    I have a well verified 1860 Swiss pw with English case that has one. I thought it was only 1900+ American feature. My good references no help. artbissell

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