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    reproduction Seth Thomas #2 movement

    I have a friend that is determined to build a No.2 replica. He is a superb woodworker but knows little about clocks. I know (and have told him) that most of the replica movements aren't much good. Although one that I used has performed flawlessly for 3 1/2 years. Anyway I'm looking for a...
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    W and H Gallery Clock

    Just got this one back together and ticking happily away. A time and strike 8 day dial clock from Winterhalder and Hofmeier. Mike
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    Help with Dial signature, Please

    I've had this English Gallery clock for several years and this week decided to send the dial to Martha Smallwood. The printing on the dial says CHISSEY ? I can't quite determine the whole name but that is close I think. The city reads BRIGHTON. Neither is visible in the photo. We think the...
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    "White" Dial Clock

    Picked this up from the bay and about have it presentable. Some research found that Rattray was a jeweler/ watchmaker/clockmaker in Dundee Scotland from the 1850s till they were dissolved in 2005! They moved to 32 Nethergate in 1864 and remained there until the end. The movement ,dial and...
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    English Dial Clock help

    Hi All, I have acquired another English Dial clock with a good many issues. Can anyone tell me what size the tiny screw is that holds the hour hand in place? Also this clock has a spring latch on the wooden bezel surround that locks the bezel. The exposed part of the latch is missing and I...
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    Houtman Design peg gear clock

    I have had this listed under clock construction but thought I'd give it a try over here. Has anyone built or seen a wooden gear ,peg gear clock built from a set of plans from Houtman Design? I've come by a set of plans and just wondered if they were worth trying. They say on their website that...
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    Houtman design wood gear clock

    I just aquired a set of plans by Houtman designs to build a four wooden gear, peg gear, grasshopper escapement clock. Was wondering if anyone on this forum had built one of these clocks or has heard anyrthing about them. I got on the web site but they say they are not selling plans at this...
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    Seth Thomas label

    I have an eight day Seth Thomas ogee clock with a Thomaston label and a Plymouth Hollow movement. The label printer was Francis and Louthel Stationers and Steam Job Printers, 45 Maiden Lane , N.... rest obscured. Does somebody have a listing of the dates when the various label makers were used...
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    E N Welch "Bee Hive"

    Friend of my wifes made this donation to my collection. Too many things wrong here to list but pretty readable label and although the strike isn't working nor the alarm hooked up, the clock ticks away and keeps passable time. I think I'll put a mirror in the bottom and work the movement over...
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    Identify this movement??

    Could someone tell me what this movement might be? I was told it was a New Haven but I'm not savvy enough to know. ?? Mike
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    New Haven Whitney #2

    My first and only Banjo clock. I found this one partially disassembled in pretty bad shape. It has taken a little while but today is happily ticking away. #314 movement Bim Bam strike sounds like the door bell. Must be a later model..Has a nut holding the hands on.
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    New Haven "Whitney" banjo clock.

    I just aquired a new Haven Whitney #2 banjo clock. I see them in several different sizes. Can anyone tell me when these were made? Mine must be a late model. It has nuts holding the movement together and a nut holding the minute hand on. The clock is about 30 inches tall and has the 314...
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    unable to enlarge thumbnails

    Hi, I've enjoyed visiting your message board for the last weeks. It is a wonderful resource. For the last week I've not been able to enlarge the thumbnail photos that appear on posts. The screen goes dark and I can see the original page below through the dark. This isn't happening on any other...
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    Boudoir Clock

    Hi, I just came by this little clock and wondered if anyone might tell me where it might have come from. It is solid wood about 13 in. tall. Looks like mahogany Nice wavy glass door. Cute little movement is 3 in. by 3 3/4. No markings anywhere. The alarm is so "alarming" that you would be...
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    pendulum length

    Can somebody guide me to the proper way to determine the length of the pendulum on a clock? I have acquired a single weight vienna regulator movement without the pendulum and would like to start getting it to run. Mike
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    tall clock weights

    I have a very early19th century English tall clock. It has a simple time and strike bell ringer, eight day movement and I'm not sure how much weight it should have on each side. Anybody give me a rough idea? Thanks

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