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  1. ogee_guy

    7 ft tall clock case to ID

    bought this at garage sale $35 has been changed to 87 movement is a 3 piece case top middle bottom with wood dowels to fit together like to find right movement might of been a tube chime? weights not go through bottom is too small might be from 1930s?
  2. ogee_guy

    seth thomas 8 day weight clock strikes all the time

    bought this for 100$ it strikes all the time think the strike gears not in correct timing fixed a column clock at one time not remember how somebody had it apart to clean it am sure
  3. ogee_guy

    longcase clock any info or a guess

    they are selling as 1880 clock ran few years ago can you make out clockmaker name? looks english
  4. ogee_guy

    zeeland colonial 4 tube clock info

    has a 28lb weight for the chime is this from 1970s? might get it to function 2 peices of linkage fell out to control chimes not figured that out clock runs but chime is sluggish have to spin butterfly some times to get to go paid $100 kind of a pain to work kind of backwards also polished the...
  5. ogee_guy

    scottish william keith

    got this month ago fixed rack spring long time to figure out and reglued case some is solid mahogany any more info about it welcome he apprentice in 1791
  6. ogee_guy

    william keith 1790s strike out of place or tiime pics

    see after run clock for a day or 2 little triangle walks too far to left and jams most of the time works ok out of time? any ideas? should not bought this clock lady nice to deliver 100 miles was going this way anyway wanted $100 now wants another $40 real backward business person
  7. ogee_guy

    what is diameter of bell for william keith 1790s clock

    cast iron 4 1/2 in dia? timesavers found tall case bell stand at timesavers also have hour shaft has excess end play and will hit second hand missing a washer maybe -- have problems of strike not function sometimes can not adjust lift lever but works 90% ok here is pic and old repair slip...
  8. ogee_guy

    scotland william keith clock year ect is 1820s?

    :confused: may be a scam or not $390 for this 100 miles to pick up he apprentice in 1791 was active in 1800s has a gong needs a bell to be right any info ect. it is a little over 7 ft highNutjob
  9. ogee_guy

    identify this case or clock?

    was apart for $35 seems movement is too small and had cobbled up seat board-- made new one movement says hermel black forest is 3 section case almost 8 ft bought it for the case be 1920s? the chime rods not fit says no 10 has wood carved to fit
  10. ogee_guy

    1750 Muddle english tallcase

    missing weights pendulum and bell have to drive 200 miles to get it been putting it off be 20 lb weights? 10 inch bell? pendulum? from timesavers think still for sale---$250 cheap
  11. ogee_guy

    korean sam heung 58inch wall clock

    is this from 1960s or 70s fixed slipping main spring shaft works good so far carved out of hardwood-- any more info ? neat clock for korea--
  12. ogee_guy

    catalyst oil

    this really works good have to let it soak 24 hours use it on auto repair things it will free up any clock might dry like wd40 not sure
  13. ogee_guy

    know what clock this is?

    the a and the crown could not find info
  14. ogee_guy

    have a french slate clock broken pivot

    put this clock together soldered some things then winding spring broke for time and broke pivot it is small as a needle how would it be fixed is it possible shaft is too small to drill to press in pin have it not apsrt now
  15. ogee_guy

    34 inch jungens wall clock no weight need cat gut?

    this is missing the weight have to see if timesaver has it need new string can you use fishing line needs some other small things is it about 1890s? be a vienna regulator? of sorts has a plain case big pendulum
  16. ogee_guy

    easy clock cleaning through carb soak

    :cyclops:came through again soaked my uncles seth thomas movement in auto carb cleaner called berrymans 1 gallon soak can bout $25 at auto parts store instead of taking apart did this for free seems to be working clock is running ok so far if got paid decent money would have taken apart and...
  17. ogee_guy

    heard of this clock before?

    guy has thiscase and dial cheap can not find this name on a search on web
  18. ogee_guy

    taking back part off marti clock what must be in line ect.

    taking time side spring barrel out got count wheel loose will clock get out of time from hands looks like might
  19. ogee_guy

    marti french clock how to clean with small pivots?

    that marti clock had the slip for the crutch was very loose so soldered then first wheel off barrel was loose on shaft soldered that backed off springs to do that wind it up and spring slips off peg maybe have to take back off clcok nowto get to spring so thought will clean pivots holes ect. so...
  20. ogee_guy

    Marti clock binds up? and not run

    clock ran for 8 hours strong then stop --push hands in 1/16 inch then runs sometimes-- pull out sometime and will not strike-- pin is away from lifting lever -- pics show did not have pin or washers for hands-- hands do not pull off. paid $85 for it yesterday

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