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    Mystery tool

    and/or look up B.'s instructions in their catalog: Frank
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    4 jaw chuck

    Just a question: will those 10mm collets offered for Pultra, also fit a 10mm Lorch? Frank
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    What is this

    maybe the blue bar is a key for the clamping screw? Frank
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    Parting tools.

    My Andrae & Zwingenberger has one, too. Frank
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    Build your own microcontroller based clock timing machine.

    An awesome project! I can imagine, how many hours you had to invest. My questions: - What kind of pickup do you use? - how come that above graphs of rate and beat error look nearly identical? Frank
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    JKA Feintaster Calibration

    I found that after years the IKA loses accuracy by wear of its parts. The right jaws wear and you may find 1/100 difference between front and rear edge of the jaws. The toothed bar inside wears and makes 1-2/100 difference in various openings between 0 and 10 mm. Frank
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    Tool for... balance wheels?

    One note: as a silent reader of this thread, I considered it more than inappropriate to adress Mr. Kieffer like a beginner who does not know how a staking tool is used! We could already see, that the endlessly mentioned WOSTEP instructions are not beyond doubt, too. Frank
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    Junghans Tool used for what?

    Sceptics forced me to do what I wanted to avoid: search through my library and make a scan. I found this in a Jendritzki book from 1950. In German however :) Caption: "Balance screws under the dial". Frank
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    Junghans Tool used for what?

    Don't forejudge! With the tool you can adjust a balance screw (alarm clocks, clocks) without disassembling. Frank
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    Primitive Jacot tool?

    I have both types, but never used them. Disadvantage imho: you cannot see the drill and chips. Frank
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    Cutting metric threads on an inch sherline lathe

    They are no DIN / NHS / ISO standard, but screws with pitch d/4 were very common in watchmaking. I have ready made taps for both pitches. Frank
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    Mysterious stake

    I did :). Regularly use a cone punch for this purpose. Frank
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    A mystery tiny thing

    I am sure I saw this clamp for cylinders in one of my pre-1900 books, but could not find it with a quick search. A similar one from the 1937 Flume catalog: Frank
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    Pantographs in watchmaking

    Hi Karl, for me, using an engraving machine for making parts is outdated. I draw my watch parts with CorelDRAW, send the file to a fine laser company and get the parts ready for plug and play. The parts are cheap, but a fixed fee for setup applies. Sample attached. Frank
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    Watch crystal radius guage

    How about reading posts really instead of insulting writers of helpful replies? And the Sternkreuz catalog is available online. All radii are centimeters, as Chris stated more than once. Order no. samples: RX 125X115R3 RZ 125X115R4 where R3 and R4 are the radius of edge curvature. Not too...
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    Watch crystal radius guage

    Why that annoyed comment?? Anyone who has a pair of compasses in the drawer or a drawing program on the PC can make his own gauge. Frank
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    Antique Mystery Tool

    Search older watchmaker books, not the internet and you will have success... Frank
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    tap and dies

    Some, probably all are India made. You will have more fun if you throw your money out of the window... Frank
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    MCD tooling in watchmaking?

    As I understand, they are for decorative work, applying the last polished finish, not for heavy cutting. I have a diamont cutter from India (they are cheap and come in various shapes), but use it very rarely on my lathe. Frank
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    MCD tooling in watchmaking?

    At least you can use them on brass, gold etc. only, never steel! Frank

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