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  1. Ingulphus

    Barr & Poole Barr Battery Clocks

    You might want to check Timesavers - I know they used to carry a replacement Barr pendulum.
  2. Ingulphus

    E bracket wanted

    One of the members here, TorsionKid, has them for sale on eBay. Search for "E SUSPENSION BLOCK". Best regards, Mark
  3. Ingulphus

    I need some advise on working on a self winding clock

    When was the movement last serviced? If it's been a while, there could be worn bushings, dirt, etc. that are stopping the movement from running.
  4. Ingulphus

    THE 245 MODEL

  5. Ingulphus

    Grivolas keeps stopping

    Dell - A saturated solution of alum will dissolve the steel screw over several days (it won't affect the brass). I let the piece sit in a plastic or glass container in the oven, which has a pilot light that keeps it around 100F when not in use - optional, but I think the warmth helps speed up...
  6. Ingulphus

    How to identify and care for my wife's Anniversary Clock

    Marc - I sent you a private message. Best regards, Mark
  7. Ingulphus

    How to identify and care for my wife's Anniversary Clock

    A member on here, TorsionKid, has both the gimbaled top block and pendulum adjustment rod for sale on eBay. Search for "pendulum adjusting rod" and "Hauck gimbal suspension". His reproductions are identical to the originals.
  8. Ingulphus

    Kundo/Mayer clock with pink base

    The pink alabaster base is unusual to me; I usually see those on Kundos made for George Borgfeldt's 'Coronation' line, albeit with a slightly different design. All of the Mayer Kundos I've seen have a brass base. Either way, they are beautiful clocks, and were made in the early 1930's, when...
  9. Ingulphus

    Help to Identify Kundo Dome Clock

    Kundo always stamped their movements, with either their stylized KundO mark or the mark of the importer who sold the clocks. My first guess was Schlenker und Posner, but their pendulum design is quite different.
  10. Ingulphus

    Plate 1419 help needed

    Expending a lot of elbow grease, if you don't want to keep it heavily tarnished. To do a thorough job, it would be necessary to dismantle the case into its various components, not a job for the faint of heart! It will be a beautiful clock when finished; this case and pendulum are somewhat...
  11. Ingulphus

    Plate 1419 help needed

    Plate 1419 is for a clock made by Phillip Hauck, and the pendulum you describe should look like #6 on Page 195, which is also by Hauck. The bottom block should be a snug fit into the hook on the pendulum, and anything that fits will work. We would love to see photos of the clock as well as the...
  12. Ingulphus

    Jahres-Uhr Catalog No. 222

    I have a Wurth four glass model with a similar dial that I'm slowly restoring. I've seen the same dial on a Wurth Louvre model.
  13. Ingulphus

    Hauck Louvre 17104

    Eric - It sounds like the shipping gods took pity on this clock and didn't do any serious damage! I have a similar Hauck Louvre: Post Your Ph. Hauck 400 Day Clocks Here, serial #25294. also with the "chronometer" pendulum.. It is a pleasure to live with! Best regards, Mark
  14. Ingulphus

    Fancy wall model

  15. Ingulphus


    Jim - A truly beautiful restoration. I have owned a bronze four-glass Tiffany double-contact case for years, but have never found a movement for it - seeing your case has made me wish once again that I could! Best regards, Mark
  16. Ingulphus

    Tiffany Tiffany neverwind spares

    Jim - Message sent! Best regards, Mark
  17. Ingulphus

    Tiffany Tiffany neverwind spares

    Jon - I sent you a private message regarding a possible source for replacement arms. Best regards, Mark Powers
  18. Ingulphus

    Junghan 400 day

    I believe the anchor can be rotated (carefully) on its arbor to place the clock in beat. No need to twist the spring.
  19. Ingulphus

    Kundo Model 403 "New York"

    I'm not normally drawn to post-WWII torsion clocks, but I've always liked this model for its 'atomic' styling!
  20. Ingulphus

    An orphan child restored

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. Of all of Becker's output, this model is my favorite.
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