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    I got a call from a man who ask if I might be able to help. He inherited Grandfather clock. On the back of the movement was JAUNCH made in Western Germamny. Can anyone identify the clock or knows anything about it. Any help would be appreciated. Dan Paxton
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    Need help

    Could someone explain, nonsequential chime in the Kieninger KSU63 116cm. This version of westminster is new to me. I would appreciate any comment. emai
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    Clock I D

    A customer would like to know something about her clock. Her brother gave it to her and said it was 200 hundred years old. The markings on the clock are. a circle with small flowers inside and wings on both sides. Under that, D R Patent 125805 Any help would be appreciated. Dan Paxton...
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    Can anyone help me indentify a clock movement. On the front plate there is a dianond inside a circle with what appears to be "J.". It does half and hour strike. Your help would be appreciated. Dan Paxton
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    Hamilton 4992B

    I need some help, can anyone let me know where I might get a roller table with jewel or just the jewel for a Hamilton 4992B pocket watch. I would appreciate any imput. Dan Paxton nawcc #66628
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    Peerless model E

    I just picked up this movement for cleaning however I think the weights were in the wrong place when I picked it up.The weights are 16#, 9#, 7#. My thinking is 16# for chime 9# for strike and 7# for time. Can anyone help me. Dan Paxton nawcc 0066628
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    E. Thomas

    Can anyone help?. Has anyone heard of E. Thomas Clock Co. in Thomaston, Conn. My son recently purchased one at a swap meet for $30.00 but I don't have any knowledge about it at all. I would appreciate any comments. Dan Paxton member#0066628
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    Urgos Escape Wheel Replacement

    I have ordered an escape wheel blank, no pinion. Can anyone tell me how the gear for the second hand comes off the escape wheel pinion. Is it pressed on? I would appreciate any and all comments. Dan Paxton
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    Need help

    Can anyone help, I need a roller table but would take a complete balance for an 18S Hampton ket wind key set. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Dan Paxton Ph (559) 877-4383
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    I have just got a Welby clock for repair, was this clock made by Hermle? It looks similar to the Hermle 350-060. I would appreciate your comment. Thanks Dan
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    Hampden cannon pinion

    Can anyone help me, I need a cannon pinion for a Hampden 18Size key wind key set. I would appreciate your help and comments. Dan Paxton.
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    Could anyone tell me if the Welby movements were made by Hermle?. It appears to be a copy of the 350-060. I have a repair with a broken off tooth on the strike barrel. I would appreciate your comments. I hate to spend $100 to have a new tooth installed on such an old movement. email...
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    Two Questions

    I have just received a clock, no name just stamped 20320 on both plates, for repair and find it has a tooth missing off the time mainspring barrel. Any idea of the maker and where to get another barrel. Most of you will think the next question really dumb. I see somewhat of a triangle beside...
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    Previous Repairman

    I have a customer who would like to get in touch with a clock man who did work for him a number of years ago in Glendale CA. His name is Adolf Diaz. Adolf, if you are around or anyone who might know him please email me. Thanks, Dan
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    KUNDO Electronic

    A friend asked me if I could possibly get this going again. There are no electric components at all in the base, just two wires leading to the movement and I have no idea at all what should be there. Can anyone help or any suggestions. It would be greatly appreciated. nawcc #66628
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    New To Me

    I just acquired a bracket clock and on the dial is Seth Thomas and at the bottom of the dial is German Movement. On the back is Exeter-W. I thought Seth Thomas clocks were onlt made in America. Dan nawcc#66628
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    Clock I.D.

    Can anyone help. The name on the dial is SEIKOSHA and there is a very worn paper decal on the back of the case with "CLOCK ROYAL" with either Japanese or Chinese writting. The clock appears to be very old. Dan Paxton, North Fork, CA nawcc #66628
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    Who Made This One

    This clock's back plate is in three pieces. The center piece is triangular shaped with about 1/8" between the pieces. There is a letter H stamped on the center piece four numbers below that. Any idea who made it. It is a quality movement. Dan nawcc #66628
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    Urgos Escape Wheel

    Would anyone have and be willing to part with an escape heel for a model 66 Urgos grandfather movement. I would appreciate your help. Dan Paxton nawcc#66628
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    Walt Vanguard Parts

    Over the last thirty five years I have repaired hundreds of pocket watches but I have never even tried to replace a missing part. In looking at one of my parts book there are terms I don't understand. Pallet forks with ROUND OR SQUARE backs, and numbers like 1688 & 1690 etc, where do these...

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