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    Just a second!

    Since the Earth itself is slowing down, timekeepers(they didn't consult with me)are adding an extra second to their atomic clocks to keep up with Earth's slightly slowing rotation. The extra second will be added on to Dec. 31 after 6:59:59 p.m. and before 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. So be sure...
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    Chapter 1 show date change

    The chapter 1 Valley Forge show date (June 17) has been changed to July 15. Please pass the word on to anyone you know who attends the show. Many people come a long distance to our chapter 1 meetings and Jerry Kenney was kind enough to allow me to post this notice. Thanks Jerry. Mike C.
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    You repair clocks? Can you repair my truss?

    What have you been asked to repair when on a 'house call' besides their clock? About 25 years ago I had a customer ask me if I could repair his truss! You know-for his hernia!! And I thought -ah, what the hell, I'll do it. I used surgical gloves on that one! My wife and I still laugh about that...
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    words you WANT to hear from a customer

    (Phone call) My clock has been working perfectly since you repaired it a few months ago, thank you. Just a minute, I'll put the dogs in the other room. WOW! What a nicely organized tool box you have there! You must know what you're doing. I'll turn off the TV/radio. I'll let you alone with my...
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    women in horology

    I thought this would be of interest to all of you, especially those of the XX persuasion.
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    Hall clock parts supplier?

    Dr. Craig, pictures are necessary to know what kind of movement it is. There are many variations of hall clock movements.
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    Help with Silk thread suspension

    Yes, the silk is in place of a suspension spring. Look for marks on the pendulum made by the crutch. That will give you an idea how long the thread should be for the pendulum to make contact at that point again.
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    ST Rack and snail problem

    Need more info. Do you mean that it wasn't striking at all at 12, or that it didn't strike the correct # of times, and if so, what did it strike at 12? Also go to this site and study the mech., see if you can figure it out yourself. Click on theory, strike mech., rack...
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    More help needed - Hermle Floating Balance

    Dr. Craig, go here and click on parts and accessaries, then hermle parts, then balances-page number 42.
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    Regula Cuckoo 859 chain assistance

    Welcome Doc, now please don't get insulted by this question! Are you sure you are trying to turn the wheel in the correct direction? Some CC's chains do wind in different directions.
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    reply correction on 'tubular chime' post

    I'm making a new post for this correction to get 'clkmakr's' (a new registration) attention, hopefully before he hangs the tubes. Sorry, I gave the wrong order in which to hang the tubes. See my corrrection in the original post.
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    James Gibbs-Horologist extraordinaire

    I saw that James Gibbs was mentioned in a recent post about a 'picture clock'. I remember seeing that clock in Jim's collection. Anyone having Brooks Palmer's "A Treasury of American Clocks" will see 'some' of the clocks that were in his collection. He called me in the first year (1976) that I...
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    Dating A Winterhalder Grandmother's Clock Movement

    Welcome Don, You are asking about setting up strike hammers. I assume you are asking about how to adjust the hammers so that they hit the chime tubes properly. Go to this site. Let us know if this answers your question about the chime hammer...
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    did they get our answer?

    Please read my reply at Horological Misc.
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    slow running morbier

    Have a morbier that runs about 45 min. slow per day. Pendulum looks 'right',(gridiron and bob is centered in door glass and no signs of tampering). Time train looks original. Has 6 lb. weight. Escapement looks original and spacing between scape wheel and verge at their most distant. Clutch has...
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    copying/quoting from Tran's books

    Tran Duy Ly has given the message board permission to quote or copy from his publications. He has requested that we mention the source as ''. Let's remember to do that. If you see that someone forgot to do it, 'come on board' and mention it. Here is my request and his reply--...
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    horometry mania

    Don't forget to adjust your timepieces for the leap second this new years eve. :wink: Mike C.
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    YOUR "Oh, by the way, I also have" stories

    Thought it might be interesting to hear each others experiences. Your first contact with the customer must have only been for a routine,uninteresting job, but then they said, "OH!---" Mike C.
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    "By the way, I also have--"

    Customer called saying she just bought a new cuckoo clock and it doesn't work properly. Turned out that it just needed a simple adjustment. As I started to leave she said those 7 magical words, "oh, by the way, I also have". She told me she has a GF clock that the movement fell out of. She asked...
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    Urgos Clock Movement

    Call mark Butterworth 1-800-258-5418 largest supplier of movements Mike C.

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