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  1. Kevin W.

    Elgin Watchmakers College

    Thanks Pat for the help. I just finished reading the article that was mentioned with Jon Edwards on the repair work done on the Kincaid watch. I am hoping one day soon, i can perhaps hold the Kincaid watch in my hand, i think Gary would let me do that much. He is a nice man.
  2. Kevin W.

    Elgin Watchmakers College

    I can only see the pdf pages to page 77 ? So how can i see the article By Gary and Jon?
  3. Kevin W.

    The new 21st Century Pocket Watch

    Personally i dont feel safe with something that has rf radiation next to my body either. My old pocket watch is perfectly safe to wear.
  4. Kevin W.

    The new 21st Century Pocket Watch

    The difference is after a 100 years the pocket watches still run and keep accurate time, the cell phone will be long gone.
  5. Kevin W.

    Elgin Watchmakers College

    Thanks Pat i will have a look, two great horological guys.
  6. Kevin W.

    Elgin Watchmakers College

    New book, New Book- The Elgin Watchmaker’ College- by Gary Fox | Omega Forums
  7. Kevin W.

    Hamilton 972--but I'm sure other models apply

    This might help.
  8. Kevin W.

    H.W. Co Special Pocket watch

    Swiss fake, i had one too.
  9. Kevin W.

    What is a civil war watch

    I agree with Richie on this one. My great, great gf fought in the civil war. My brother has his watch. But there is no proof that he actually used that watch when he was serving in the Civil war.
  10. Kevin W.

    My Waltham watch

    I was thinking a export code, since its swiss made.
  11. Kevin W.

    My Waltham watch

    You wont find it as this one is Swiss made. Made after Waltham shut down in the states.
  12. Kevin W.

    Appleton tracy

    Recent example. My Elgin BW Raymond with a winding indicator, i think it said some thing like 300 dollars or less. I know that value is way off, from what i have seen them sold for.
  13. Kevin W.

    Appleton tracy

    I find the pocket watch database is way out in values. Looked at a few of mine and it was way off.
  14. Kevin W.

    Really good RR standard watches

    As i said on your other posting . Hamilton 992B, i love mine.
  15. Kevin W.

    Really good RR standard watches

    Hamilton 992B, a great rr watch all around.
  16. Kevin W.

    Walter's Elgin

    Beautiful watch. Walter would be pleased.
  17. Kevin W.

    Hampden Chester Woolworth Adjusted

    They are nice watches. I bought my Hampden Woolworth about 4 years ago, its 17 jewels and adjusted, a really nice 18 sz watch. Serial number is 233812.
  18. Kevin W.

    Waltham CPR Pocket Watch

    Very nice find. And well worth some tlc.
  19. Kevin W.

    B W Raymond first president National Watch Co aka Elgin

    Very nice etching Rob. I am very fond of Elgin watches.
  20. Kevin W.

    A friend's pocket watch

    Applies to watches and clocks, a myth, over wound. Nice heirloom. If it were mine it would be serviced and worn.

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