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  1. Kevin W.

    What Is This Tool? Estate Sale Item Mixed With Clock Repair Hardware

    Yes Jim, exactly. I knew i had seen it somewhere before.
  2. Kevin W.

    Smiths lantern clock platform escapement advice

    In my early years i tried to straighten a hair spring, it just snapped, fortunately it was on a parts time piece, but still a lesson learned on how fragile these parts are.
  3. Kevin W.

    Smiths lantern clock platform escapement advice

    I was afraid you would try to service it. Its best to get a competent watch repair person to work on these, if you dont have watch repair experience. Its going to get expensive.
  4. Kevin W.

    Historic Timekeepers discontinued?

    Another happy customer using Deoz 007.
  5. Kevin W.

    Need to Identify a Clock Movement

    Its running fast because of wear and dirt, needs work, clean, polish pivots, bushings and oiling will make it run better, there are no short cuts to the problem.
  6. Kevin W.

    Please Rise

    Happy Birthday to both of you. Yes Bangs has been on this mb for many years. Thanks for all you do.
  7. Kevin W.

    Main spring retainers

    Thanks John, i may order some of those.
  8. Kevin W.

    Main spring retainers

    Thanks for the replies everyone.
  9. Kevin W.

    Main spring retainers

    A few questions on retainers. In the past i used hose clamps as retainers when assemblingthe movement. Sometimes the clamps seem to get in the way. I tried wire too to restrain. I found it was difficult to hold the wire in place when i had to let down the power on the m spring, when i would...
  10. Kevin W.

    "Ollie Baker" a specific product or a loose association?

    I recently bought a Ollie Baker style winder. I have the let down sleeves and the different sizes of let down keys. I have been using a Joe Collins winder, it works, but i was bit unsatisfied with its performance.
  11. Kevin W.

    Advise on cleaning clock face

    It looks fine, i would leave it as it is. Nice dials can be easily ruined by some trying to clean them.
  12. Kevin W.

    Clock cleaned and now stopping

    I assume the pictures you posted are before it was cleaned?
  13. Kevin W.

    Ultrasonic Cleaner - Buy or not buy? Other opinions?

    Exactly, a us is not majic. It can be a very useful tool to have. Mine does a great job on cleaning lantern pinions. Did not cost alot either.
  14. Kevin W.

    Useful “lathe” from bench grinder

    I fully agree with what Bob said. He gives great advice.
  15. Kevin W.

    Useful “lathe” from bench grinder

    If you want a reliable accurate chuck, you need to spend some bucks, like this one, Albrecht 0-1,5 High Precision Micro Machinist Keyless Drill Chuck, 0 to 1.5mm | eBay
  16. Kevin W.

    Useful “lathe” from bench grinder

    Yes a good lathe is a great investment, you wont be sorry getting it.
  17. Kevin W.

    Useful “lathe” from bench grinder

    Sals have you considered the door hinge tool for polishing clock pivots?
  18. Kevin W.

    Ingraham Movement rebuild, can I do it?

    Ron, i have heard this is a good book. I have one on order now. You could for now put the clock to the side, and when you get caught up on your other projects, come back to it.
  19. Kevin W.

    Seth Thomas real repair (with very bad bushing)

    Best to clean and lube both springs while you have it apart.
  20. Kevin W.

    Dangerous but maybe useful mainspring removal?

    Collet sleeve, my peeve is correct terminology, i know what you mean now, but please try to improve on terminology, i am quilty of this too sometimes myself. Good points were made here. Trying to help, not to be picky Sal.

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