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  1. harold bain

    Help Attached Files: Download all post attachments

    Bill, when I click on "attached files: download all post attachments", it doesn't seem to work.
  2. harold bain

    Toronto Chapter 33 meeting this weekend

    Our next chapter meeting is this Sunday, October 29. 2017, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, off Dixon Road. at 33 Carlson Court. Mart opens at 8:00. Hope to see a good turnout
  3. harold bain

    The concert of the summer for me

    I went to see Peter Frampton, opening for Steve Miller in Toronto last night. Two great guitar players on the same bill, still have it at their age.
  4. harold bain

    All of a sudden a good clock gains

    A couple of weeks ago a wall clock of mine started gaining about 1/2 hour in a week. I didn't pay a lot of attention to it, but when I wound it up, I noticed it was very out of beat. Set it in beat, and it was back to being an accurate clock. Just shows how important having a clock in beat can...
  5. harold bain

    Chapter 33 meeting this Sunday March 26th

    Next Chapter Meeting: March 26th, 2017 - Please Note the Change in Meeting Place - Our Next meeting will be at: The Quality Suites 262 Carlingview Dr. (Across the Road from the Travelodge) Member's Display Area: Member's Projects - Please be sure to bring in something you have been...
  6. harold bain

    Chapter 33 meeting this Sunday January 29

    Our first meeting of the new year will be this Sunday. Our display will be of horological items starting with the letter "H". The MART is for Everyone!: Got an old watch...a dusty clock...or box of parts you don't want anymore? Why not bring it to the Mart. It might be just what someone...
  7. harold bain

    Backwind Smiths clock

    here is an unusual Smiths clock I recently serviced. It is wound and set from the back of the clock, 8 day run time, with floating balance movement. Made late 1950's or 1960's.
  8. harold bain

    Chapter 33 Toronto last meetingof the year this Sunday

    Our last meeting of 2016 will be this Sunday November 27th. The meeting will have a display called "My Favorite Timepiece", bring YOUR favorite to show us. Our workshop will be about replacing bushings on clock movements. Rob Poolman will show us how. Hope to see a good turnout. TRAVELODGE...
  9. harold bain

    Eight Days a Week

    Anyone who lived through the 1960's and was a fan of the Beatles should catch Ron Howard's documentary film that highlights the band in concert. It shows the backdrop of the insanity of "Beatlemania" and of the times this happened in. Everything from the Kennedy assassination to segregation was...
  10. harold bain

    An interesting new purchase

    I bought this clock yesterday at a large local clock auction for the estate of a friend who was an NAWCC member. The label says "Manufactured by Upson Brothers, Marion Conn." Spittlers' and Bailey's Clockmakers and Watchmakers of America dates this maker to 1850-1855, says they were case...
  11. harold bain

    Toronto Chapter 33 meeting this Sunday, April 3rd

    Our next meeting will be this coming Sunday, and it should be an especially interesting one. First, we are going to repeat our"Ugly Clock Contest". Dig through that back cupboard whereyou placed the "one you shouldn't have" and bring it along.A Tim's voucher will be yours if you have brought the...
  12. harold bain

    Oscar win for Stutterer

    Dan you may not have noticed, but a British film, called Stutterer won the oscar for best live action short film last night. I haven't seen it, but here is a trailer for it:
  13. harold bain

    Mainspring guides missing/broken off.

    I have a 1936 vintage Ingraham movement with the tabs that control the mainspring's unwinding have been broken off. Does anyone have any suggestions of what can be done to replace these? I'm considering drilling holes, and threading in some screws, with the threads smoothed off on the inside so...
  14. harold bain

    Toronto Chapter 33 meeting this Sunday January 24

    TRAVELODGE AIRPORT HOTEL, 925 Dixon Rd.,Etobicoke, ON 416-674-2222. Mart set up is from 7:30 to 8:00 AM with the mart opening at 8:00. Next Chapter Meeting: January 24th, 2015 Member's Display Area: Industrial Time Keeping - Bring in your Punch Clocks, Slaves etc. Workshop: Preparing Dials...
  15. harold bain

    Ansonia Jupiter-Fake??

    A customer brought me this clock for repair. My gut feeling is that it is a Chinese knockoff. Note the C clips holding the barrel arbors on the back, and the way it mounts to the case. Only ID is the Ansonia trademark on the dial.
  16. harold bain

    Simplex History booklet

    This booklet was sent to me by Jim Lane (Caperace). It was sent out by Simplex to its employees in 1988 to explain the company history and why 1988 did not officaly mark 100 years in business, as had often been thought. Thanks, Jim, a very interesting read. Also thanks to Bill Stuntz for...
  17. harold bain

    Toronto Chapter 33 meeting Sunday November 29

    This is our last meeting of 2015. TRAVELODGE AIRPORT HOTEL, 925 Dixon Rd.,Etobicoke, ON 416-674-2222. Mart set up is from 7:30 to 8:00 AM with the mart opening at 8:00. Our workshop will be "Half a century at the Watchmakers Bench" presented by Njaal Anderson.
  18. harold bain

    Broken Click

    I've seen and repaired lots of broken clicks, but I can't say I've ever seen one on an American movement. This one was on an Ansonia gingerbread clock, and it broke off just leaving the round part under the rivet. Seen this on Korean clocks quite often. Had a suitable click in my parts box, with...
  19. harold bain


    I was on holiday early in October for a couple of weeks. I stopped all my clocks so that all I had to do was start the pendulums again when I returned. ing Last week, I noticed my moon dial clocks both showed a full moon on Wednesday. My calendar showed it was a new moon, so I was sure that the...
  20. harold bain

    Bucket list trips

    At our chapter meeting today, a member, Russell Smith told us about his trip to Europe, visiting all the best places to find clocks for sale. He came home with several rare and seldom seen Lenzkirch clocks among others. His trip went from England to the Netherlands, and into Germany, visiting...

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