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    American PW When adjusting pocket watches

    Dear Members, I am trying to regulate/ adjust a couple of pocket watches in order to get them to keep time can anyone confirm what might be blindingly obvious to the more learned here the arm which has S & F either side of the back of the movement what do the markers represent seconds per...
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    Charles Frodsham clock

    Dear Members, I inherited this clock your views and opinions please it works fine and keeps really good time Regards Walter
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    Omega Seamaster back from service

    Dear Members, I am pleased to get this baby back from Omega Service UK after nearly two months your views and opinions please Kind regards Walter
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    Corvette pre Restore and post Restore

    Dear Members, your opinions and comments please this watch was one of the first I owned given to me when I was 11 years old which makes this watch 43 years since I had it and probably a few more before that. I recently had it serviced and restored so what do you think photos attached Kind...
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    Silver Dennison pocket watch

    Dear Members, Please see the attached photo's of an I think old pocket which is still working and keeping unbelievably good time, my question is can anyone give me any information regarding this watch from the following Case numbered 443056 movement numbered 654169 Any help would be much...
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    Latest find Breitling stopwatch

    Dear Member, Your views and opinions are sort as regards the best way to go with this find I have owned this Breitling stopwatch for more than forty years it has sat in a draw forgotten about until the last few days still works in need of a service my question is do I send it to Breitling UK...
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    Pocket watchs and new member

    Dear Members, I hope that this finds you all well, I would like some help with a couple of Smiths pocket watchs which I have owned for the best part of forty years and still ticking along and keeping good time. If I remember the Smiths factory used to be across the road fron Cheltenham...

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