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    Anyone near Columbus Ohio?

    Greetings all: One of my customers recently moved from Chicago to Columbus and she needs a good clock repair person. Anyone near there that can help her? Send me a message.
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    Know where I can find replacement quartz movement?

    I know it's a long shot, but I'm hoping someone will know where I can find one of these. The separate little movement for the second hand is working, but the main movement is kaput. Looked on the usual supplier web sites, but coming up empty-handed.
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    Seikosha wall clock -- any info?

    I have been asked to do what I can for this poor guy. Family heirloom apparently. It has been treated very badly over the years. This is my first Japanese clock. It's got an American style movement but the plates and most of the wheels are steel. The case looks old, but I think the dial must...
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    Dyslexic Clockmaker Strikes Again

    Time side. NO WAIT! :cyclops:
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    Lacquer Question

    Working on a nice Junghans chiming wall clock. Appears to be in pretty good condition, but just oozing with oil. I want to give it a good cleaning, but I know my ultrasonic will take off the gold colored lacquer quicker than you can say Bob's-yer-Uncle. Anybody know how to get it squeaky clean...
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    Don't think I'll try and save this one...

    Bam! Just noticed you can't post anything in all caps. Guess that prevents virtual yelling when things get heated.
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    Frenchie Rides Again

    Not perfect, but considering what I started with...
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    Don't throw that old hacksaw blade away...

    Found this on the back of a clunker Ingraham Doric. :cyclops:
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    Beware the Angry Clockmaker!

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    Arlington Books Going Out of Business

    This may not be news to others here but just in case... I was trying to find a copy of an out-of-print book about hairsprings originally published by Arlington Books -- the company that publishes all of the clock guide books by Tran Duy Ly. They had a copy to sell me, but in the course of the...
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    Rack and Snail -- What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Took apart a little Waterbury carriage clock, cleaned it and reassembled. There are only a couple of wheels in the strike train, and it uses to same pin to stop and warn. I didn't pull off the gathering pallet when I cleaned it, and when I put it back together, I was careful to get it in the...
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    All Naphthas Created Equal?

    Got an oily little balance wheel from a Waterbury carriage clock. I'd like to clean the whole thing as a unit. I've read in these threads that your not supposed to put hairsprings in the ultrasonic but swish them around in naphtha such as Coleman camp stove fuel. I've got some Zippo lighter...
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    Waterbury Carriage Clock

    Picked this up on EvilBay. 30-hour time & strike. Anybody got a Waterbury book and can put a name to this tike?
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    My first pocket watch. What the -- ?

    Picked up an Elgin 7 jewel size 16. Started taking it apart to clean it. Flipped it over to take off the setting spring cam and discovered this massive chunk of rust. Everything else looks fine. A little dirty, but nothing like this. Just this one place. The corrosion is so thick I can barely...
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    Hall of Shamer

    Crusty ol' Ingraham 8-day T&S. Punched up hole, solder blob on the click, couple of riveted on pivot hole fixers. Nice. This upsets me less than it used to, but still...
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    Clock guy wants to clean a watch...

    Got a run-of-the-mill Elgin size 16, seven jewel pocket watch that needs a good cleaning. The watch is probably only worth about 75 bucks, so I really would prefer not to spend $50 on a gallon of watch cleaner. I have a 2-1/2 gallon ultrasonic I use to clean clock parts, but I use a water-based...
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    Regulating Schatz Mini London Coach

    Working on a Schatz London Coach for a friend. He inherited it from his dad and it had been in a basement for years. The suspension spring looked like a cork screw. Thoroughly cleaned it, polished the pivots, cleaned and lubed the mainspring, replaced the suspension spring and put it back...
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    Hall of Shamer

    Came across this on another web site. Hilarious.
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    Any Ideas on a German Wall Clock?

    Looks like a pretty decent movement, but I don't see any maker's marks. First time I've seen a winding arbor that doesn't come straight out of the barrel. Guy I bought if from said he bought it in Germany years ago. It's got a French retailer's name on the dial.
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    Dufa Wall Clock

    What can anyone tell me about Dufa? I've heard the name, but never actually worked on one. I'm guessing 1920's? Not the most beautiful clock and absolutely dripping with oil, but it makes an incredible sound with those really long rods.

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