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    wurttemberg bracket clocks

    please post pictures of wuteeberg bracket clock....also would have amovement or parts
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    fusee clocks

    double fusee clock-----how is the best way to wind the chain when runs it down to end
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    Elliotts ships clock

    we have a elliotts ship clock with a crystal dome , we are looking for how to set up the striking sequence.Any help would be great.
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    Winterhalder bracket clock with fusee tubular

    I'm working on this clock and it has three fusee drives and nine tubular chimes. I have been following threads on bracket clocks and all seem to have nested bells. Would appreciate if anyone has information on this one with tubes. Thanks for any help, Bill BUSS
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    ships bell strike

    looking for chelsea strike set up. Does the hold lever come into play at the first of half hour strike or after the last
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    English Long Clock

    I have an English Long Clock....QUARE, Daniel c1715, #109. The movement has been rather messed up and I would like to locate a picture or diagram of the front of the movement with the dial removed. Can anyone please help!!!! Bill Buss, 30770
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    microscope for the watchmaker

    I wonder how many watchmakers use a microscope at the bench on a regular basis-----also what are the specs for one and where are they obtainable at a resonable price...Bill Buss NAWCC30770 ------------------
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    Tissot W?W part needed

    Badly need reversing wheel for Tissot 28.5R-21 self winding watch.. This is the 360 rotar and the part number is 1482 in the bestfit catalog 111 Thanks much!!! Bill Buss 30770 NAWCC ------------------
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    tissot auto, parts needed

    need a reversing wheel for the auto train on a tissot!!!!
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    Eterna-Matic watches

    Seeking information on history of the Eterna watches---models, how to identify them, when first made, etc. Also need parts for the repair of them, Thanks for any help you can give. Bill Buss, NAWCC 30770 ------------------

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