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    Vienna regulator- "go" weight won't stay up

    The other day I wound the weights too snug at the top. Strike weight became stuck and eventually clock stopped. Removed the movement and saw that the cable had gotten tangled. Got it straightened out, replaced movement, and clock ran ok for a couple days. As it turned out I had missed another...
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    Strike noise since gathering pallet replaced

    This is a late18th century longcase, rack and snail movement. Hard to explain a noise, but prior to having the GP replaced, the strike was just the rapid bell ringing. Now there's a discernable "scraping" noise. Before returning it, any hints as to possible source would be appreciated.
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    Vienna Regulator Strike Problem

    Hello- I have a Vienna regulator, 2 weights. Have had it since the 70s and other than normal maintenance, have had no problems. Until a month or so ago. I noticed that on the last chime, instead of a resonate gong, it ended with sort of a thud. All of the previous chimes were fine. No...
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    Looking for an old washer

    I have a nice late 18th century tall case, J.Winstanley, N. Wales. I took it in for service and noticed that the washer that secures the minute hand was changed. The original had scrolling on it and went very well with the design on the hands. Instead there's a new brass beveled washer. The...
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    Clock stops right before preparation for strike

    Hi again! My 18th century tall case, rack and snail, has recently been repaired. New gathering pallet, rack spring, indexing of moon dial, and overall cleaning and oiling. Up until a few weeks ago, it's been running fine. But now it's stopping just before the preparation for strike, about 6...
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    Moon Dial- Basic Question 101

    All along I thought the purpose of the dates on moon dial was to track the actual day of the month and be the same date as the small semi-circular date wheel below the winding arbors. Recently I was told the numerals on moon dial are related to the phase of the moon and have nothing to do with...
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    Why this striking problem?

    Hello- My old rack and snail tall case, up to now running fine, has started striking only 4 times at 5 o'clock. At all other hours it strikes the accurate number of times. Just recently noticed this. Any ideas appreciated!
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    Winding weights question

    Regarding my tall case, but I guess it might apply to any weight driven clock, is it true that the run weight should not be wound as high as the strike weight? I was told that by doing this, the clock will run down before the strike, such that the strike will always be in sync with the time...
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    Anyone have info on Clockmaker?

    I have a tallcase with the name Jn Winstanley, under name is Holywell. I assume the first name is an abbreviation for John. Specifically I'd like to know the approximate date of the clock. Thanks in advance for any information.
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    Need some help in dating clock

    Hi- Bought this French clock, seller indicated it dates to about 1810 but none of my books is of help in terms of dating. I assume it is totally brass or bronze as no part attracts a magnet. Unusual, it has bezels which are not hinged for both the dial and the back. Bezel is put in place and...
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    Gathering Pallet

    Hi to all- GP split again, solder didn't hold after a year plus. It's off a late 18th century English tall case, rack and snail. Looking for a replacement, or if there's anyone who can make one pls advise. Thanks!
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    Need some help identifying clock

    Hi, just bought this tall case, would appreciate some help in determining its approximate age. The case seems to be made of oak with walnut veneer used on the front and the lower door. The dial has written on it Ballard - Lamberhurst. There were two Ballards at that town, a father-Joseph...
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    Pinning the rack spring

    Sorry picture doesn't show entire surface (not inclined to once again remove dial!), but close to the v bend in rack spring is a very small hole. Didn't know until recently what hole was there for, was told it's for pinning the rack spring. Question is, what should I use for that purpose...
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    Replacing cable on tall case

    Since the dial and face plate are off, having reattached the gathering pallet, I decided to replace the cables once the weights have run down mainly because the cable on strike side is quite a bit shorter than on the run side. Bought new cables some time ago from Merritts. Anyway, I haven't...
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    Gathering Pallet comes off post

    Hi and Happy New Year! Once again having problems with gathering pallet. First problem was a split, but had it soldered and things worked fine for several months. Then a few days ago the clock kept on striking until weight ran down. Today I removed dial and found pallet on platform. Wasn't...
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    If strike weight runs down before re-winding, clock stops

    Hi- So this is an old English tall case, rack and snail. Sometimes when I forget to re-wind it and strike weight has run out before run weight, it no longer runs. After re-winding, pendulum goes for a few minutes and runs out of power. After much tinkering, I find that if I reverse the...
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    What went wrong?

    Hi- Friend of mine picked up this 8 day OG at NAWCC's mid-eastern regional. He had it on his workbench for almost 2 weeks before I came over to get it. It was running fine, keeping good time and was level. So we put cup hook on bottom, removed weights and secured cables and pendulum rod...
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    What went wrong?

    Hi- Friend of mine picked up this 8 day OG at NAWCC's mid-eastern regional. He had it on his workbench for almost 2 weeks before I came over to get it. It was running fine, keeping good time and was level. So we put cup hook on bottom, removed weights and secured cables and pendulum rod...
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    Moon dial

    Hi Folks- Well, finally got moon dial working again but now another problem (it never ends!). It is advancing a full day every 12 hours. I think the problem is insufficient tension on the spring device that holds dial in place. It allows the dial to advance beyond one tooth. Can anyone...
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    Moon dial not moving

    Over past few months have had to remove dial at different times to fix broken gathering pallet and broken rack spring. Rack/snail movement. Anyway the moon dial continued to work fine until the last time clock was worked on. Now it is not moving at all although the small date wheel is moving...

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