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  1. BHB 1991

    Fusee clock

    I bought this and a Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar # 3 this weekend at a garage sale. I was extremely fortunate. I am trying to get some info on the Fusee and have not found anything at all. If anyone has any history, I would be thrilled. Thanks!
  2. BHB 1991

    French clock ID

    Hello, I just happened to come across this French clock at a garage sale today. The movement is not marked. The only information the seller had was he had been told it was from the 1870's. The numbers on the pendulum and movement match which is great. I am trying to find more information on...
  3. BHB 1991

    Seth Thomas Chime ID

    I just acquired this Seth Thomas chime clock that has a #124 movement. The hands are black serpentine. I cannot find it in Tran's book anywhere. I am pretty certain it is not a marriage. The holes for the movement and chimes line up and there are not any other holes. It also has the Mayland...
  4. BHB 1991

    Seth Thomas 125 movement

    Hello, I picked up a Seth Thomas Lawrence at a garage sale recently that is not working. It was in real nice condition and the case is great. The strike train is functional but the time side is not. This is a movement with a balance wheel and this is the first time I have seen one. It looks...
  5. BHB 1991

    Trying to identify a modern clock with a Hermele 351

    Hello, I bought this at a garage sale today. I couldn't pass it up even though it is a modern or vintage clock. It has a Hermle 351-051 movement and it looks like it was barely used. It has a bunch of dust on top but no wear or buildup at all. It was running when I saw it. I got it home...
  6. BHB 1991

    Ingraham time and strike

    Hello, I have searched the board and probably am missing this but I am looking for direction on how to line up the strike side of this movement. It was a mess when I got it so I don't have pictures as to how the pins lined up so it will strike correctly. As it stands now, it will advance and...
  7. BHB 1991

    Seth Thomas Clock ID

    I am trying to figure out what I have here. I thought this was an Essex but now I am not sure. It looks like an Essex except the inlay looks like an early Whitby. It does have a 120 movement so I am pretty certain it is not a Whitby. I looked through Tran's book and there does not seem to be...
  8. BHB 1991

    Another Seth Thomas 124 Movement

    I disassembled another 124 over the weekend, cleaned it and replaced 3 bushings. I finished it tonight and it has been ticking and chiming away for a few hours now. These are a bear to say the least. I wanted to thank everyone on this board because without you guys, a few books and a video...
  9. BHB 1991

    Disassembled and cleaned my first movement over the weekend

    Well, I finally did it. I bought a pretty beat up Seth Thomas Cordova off of Ebay awhile back for pretty cheap and took the plunge. This particular movement has springs in barrels and is very similar to a #48 except it has a count wheel and not a rack and snail. I probably should have started...
  10. BHB 1991

    Another French Clock

    Hello, I am trying to identify this French Clock. It has a Medaille d' Argent medal stamp on the back but I have not been able to identify the maker. My grandparents brought this back from Europe (Either France or Germany) after my grandfather served in WWII. It recently has ended up in my...
  11. BHB 1991

    Bristol Clock Reproduction?

    Has anyone ever heard or seen anything like this? It is new to me. Supposedly it was a limited production run and I am trying to learn more about it. I have no idea how old, either. Thanks!
  12. BHB 1991

    Seth Thomas Whitby

    I recently purchased a Seth Thomas Whitby at an estate sale and have a question for you folks. I would have expected the movement to be a #48, but on this particular clock, it is stamped with just a "5" and that is it. I am almost certain it is a genuine Seth Thomas clock but I have not been...

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