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  1. slant82

    German clock logo identification ??

    Looking to possibly purchase a stunning c1880 German 2 weight regulator. Does anyone recognize this manufacturer logo (and age by serial number) if possible ??
  2. slant82

    My new Late Biedermeier just arrived !!!

    One of my dreams was to own a late biedermeier regulator single weight. It's a 7" one piece dial, steel pendulum rod, solid brass bob on both sides and the only thing I see as probably not original is the glass (no waves or bubbles and almost too perfect) It is polished up and waxed the case to...
  3. slant82

    Did Vienna Biedermeiers use beat scales?

    Something to ponder over morning coffee....screwball I was just wondering if it was uncommon for the individual clockmakers of the 1830-1870 era to use beat scales? On older vienna regulators from the biedermeier to late biedermeier era it seems it was hit or miss (or cases were refurbished...
  4. slant82

    Can you identify this maker ??

    I recently purchased a single weight piecrust Biedermeier clock circa 1850 (which I'm awaiting arrival from England). I cannot make out the name on the dial other than it was from a maker in Innsbruck I figured other trained eyes are better than mine...It'll be a nice addition to the...
  5. slant82

    My new baby Atmos 526

    I wanted one of these for a long time..I finally pulled the trigger on a restored baby Atmos 526-5 ( s/n 81784 which dates it to Oct 1955) It had a recent full service including bellows 2 yrs ago and now has joined the fleet of clocks in my collection xyzzytom_225305
  6. slant82

    My new Japy Freres French Portico Clock ca1860

    Just arrived from France today.. My Japy Freres French Portico Clock circa 1860 Barley twist. In amazing condition considering its age..Inlay in 95% condition..Recently serviced by previous owner with spot on timing and sweet sounding bell. I may change out the hands to breguet or trefoil...
  7. slant82

    Finding "old VR Clock Hands"

    Hello all, I was just wondering a good source for nice Vienna Regulator clock hands (Junghans, Becker, GR, HAC, etc..size notwithstanding at this point) for our old clocks. I've seen so many clocks with wrong hands vs. the vintage style 1860-1900. The generic versions of vienna hands all look...
  8. slant82

    vienna regulator 2 hole winding

    It was asked of me if on German/Vienna regulator 2 winding hole clocks if it is always left keyhole is for the gong strike and the right is always for time. I said yes since all of mine (5) are that way but I paused on the answer since I'm not an expert. Ideas ???
  9. slant82

    My unusual RA with mother of pearl..

    Just wanted to share... I couldn't resist this clock. About 25 years ago I found this in a clock shop that was going out of business (old man went into retirement). Unsigned movement but it is as accurate as my Beckers and Junghans. All I do is oil it every couple of years and she's good to...
  10. slant82

    My newly acquired Gustav Becker !!

    7" porcelain dial, gong rod and sounds amazing. Better than my Junghans coil gongs. Enjoy the photos.
  11. slant82

    New Gustav Becker addition to my collection

    Just trying to figure out the model and yr produced and if it "correct". It has all the GB markings and "GB Silesia" on movement but no s/n. i know its approximately between 1900 and 1926 but thats a large swath of time. Any ideas....Enjoy the pictures

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