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    Quarter repeater

    I got this movement recently. It works with a decent amplitude (considering that it is very dirty and needs an overhaul). The repeater also works, although the last quarter is a little sluggish. Seeing that it has a lever escapement and that it is key wound/set, I would say it is from the mid...
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    Problem with dismantling barrel

    Hello All, I got this movement recently because it intrigued me. The dial is held down by screws and I found the "Lepine" layout unusual for an English watch. The trouble is, I just cannot figure out how to dismantle the barrel. The ratchet wheel is secured to the barrel arbor on the dial...
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    help with long-case clock

    Hello, This clock might come to me for restoration. If it does, it will be my first long-case clock. All that's missing is the seconds hand. I also feel the 'cable/cord' on which the weight hangs should be replaced. Could anyone point out the correct cable from the CousinsUK site? That's where I...
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    Mainspring question.

    Hello all, This is my J W Benson Ludgate watch. The mainspring needs to be replaced. The one that came in the watch is as follows- 2.1mm X 0.15mm X 550mm Another, similar junk movement has a different size mainspring- 2.6mm X .02mm X 550mm Here are the internal dimensions of the barrel-...
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    Opinion needed on English longcase clock movement.

    Hello, I have always wanted a longcase clock but they are few and far between here in India. Also, I do not fancy the modern ones with hermle movements. For a while now I have been toying with the idea of buying an old English movement and reconstructing the clock around it. English because...
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    Dennison cased watch.

    Hello after a long break! After a longish dalliance with facebook groups I thing I will post here more often :p Here is a watch I recently restored. Its in a sterling silver case by Dennison and has a 15J Swiss movement. The hallmarks are perplexing, though. According to the 925-1000 website...
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    Ansonia regulator A missing parts

    Hello, This just came in for repairs. It is an Ansonia with "Regulator A' on the glass. It is unusual (for me) since it has a bell and not a coil gong. The pendulum and rod are missing. Also, the suspension spring is broken. I was wondering if the following parts are suitable-...
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    French Clock

    Hello, I saw this interesting clock on a recent holiday to Pondicherry (a former French colony in the south of India). It is about 9-10 feet tall and has three trains. The date hand is missing. Would anybody know more about it? Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards Aditya
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    Making a balance staff

    Over the years I have made and collected the tools required for this delicate operation. Last week I decided to take the plunge. In the picture below you can see the balance with the balance spring and roller table removed. The old staff is on the balance and you can also see a balance staff...
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    Hermle movement

    Hello, It is my intention to build a long case clock for myself at some point in the future. I do not have a weigh driven clock and I love 'projects'. The movement in the pictures below is available very cheaply at the moment. I dont mind overhauling it since this would be for myself. I know...
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    Ansonia regulator springs

    Hello, I am restoring this Ansonia regulator (does not say so on the glass). Both springs (main and strike) need to be replaced. The springs are 19mm wide and appears to be 0.45mm thick (measured with my vernier). I am based in India and CousinsUK, where I order parts from, has several...
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    How to fix the glass?

    Hello, I am working on an Ansonia regulator clock. The glass is detached from the dial door. Two tabs and one wire is soldered inside, but these look like later additions. Would someone know how the glass was originally fixed and how should I fix it now? Thanks in advance Kind regards Aditya
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    help with Ansonia dial

    Hello, This is a dial from a clock that has been in my family since c.1905. As you can see, the dial has suffered a lot. There is a huge chunk of cardboard missing at 4 o'clock. There is some grazing at 8 o'clock. The numerals have been badly painted over at some point. Altogether it is in...
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    Help with quarter repeater movement (in parts)

    Hello, I have had this movement for a few years now. I would like to find out what is missing as well as how the parts go together. My research has indicated that it is quite common but so far I have been unable to locate an under-dial shot of a complete example. I would be obliged if someone...
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    6mm lathe, some questions

    Hello, I came across a 6mm lathe with quite a few accessories last week. Inspite of the rust the price was too good to resist, and so, I bought it. I have never used a powered lathe before (only the turns) & I intend to use this one to learn. Later, when I am proficient & knowledgeable I...
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    Late English verge: help with date

    Hello, This is what appears to be a late verge-escapement watch in a hunter case. It has a seconds subdial. Another interesting feature is the hacking lever. I have attached pictures of the lever and the wire it appears to operate on the contrate wheel. The hallmarks: Front lid...
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    plating question Hello, I need to plate a movement in rhodium & gold. My question is

    Hello, I need to plate a movement in rhodium & gold. My question is will electro-less nickel plating work as a strike layer? Is it any different from electroplated nickel? Thanks in advance for the help. Aditya
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    1873 English Fusee

    Hello I have not posted in a long time. So, I thought I would share my English fusee from 1873 that I restored recently. It is a simple seven jewel fusee in an open face case. The case is sterling silver & hallmarked for 1873. All the serial numbers match. Typical for this period it is key wound...
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    stripping nickel plating

    Hello, I wish to strip the nickel plating off a movement. I have been unable to find any platers who would help me out. I read that hydrochloric acid removes nickel plating from brass. So, I soaked a piece I had cut off while skeletonising and it worked. However, I am not sure what effect...
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    Making steel hands

    Hello, I tried making hands for a wristwatch project. 1) I used soft silver steel. 2) After basic shaping and polishing I hardened the hand. 3) During final polishing prior to tempering & bluing the hand broke at the hub. My question is, does a hand need to be hardened? Will just...

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