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    12 size south bend digital watch

    Dose anyone have an example of a South Bend digital watch? I have one that is missing a few parts and would be interested in restoring it. Love to see one. Who has an example. I understand that possibly only 30 were made. This would be a 429 12 size.
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    Rockford 18S with LP switch

    My first time to see an 18 S Rockford with an LP switch. What does this feature do?:confused: thanks jim miller
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    Ball 16 S part needed

    I have a Ball Watch Co Cleveland OH 16S watch serial # B250794. It runs well but has a broken set lever. Does anyone know where I can get one. Thanks Jim Millero:)
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    Baum & Mercier 7736

    Is anyone familiar with the BM 7736 movement? I need to know how to safely remove the mainspring barrel. It appears that the barrel arbor goes completely thru the movement as the arbor has a screw on both ends. Removing the two screws does not seem to free the barrel and arbor from the watch...
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    howard miller

    I just pulled a Howard Miller movement for a look see in the shop. Normally I only do watches but as a favor today I am into clocks. The movement is SKS 12 and the ratchet mechanism on two of the weight gears no longer engage. The chains can be pulled back and forth. How difficult is it to fix...
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    Mechanical WW fair price for repair

    what would be a fair price to charge for regulating a watch that is gaining 3 minutes in 24 hours? Lets say it is a Planet Ocean Omega 18 Kt rose gold chronograph. It took all of 10 minutes to work out the problem. Keep in mind the watch lists for 12k.:bigsmile:
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    Swiss PW Just when you think you have seen it all!

    Today I am looking at a Tiffany & Co made by Patek Phillipe. The escape wheel has been repaired by spot welding two teeth to the rim of the wheel. The watch is running and the only reason I can find that it is stopping is from a loose case screw. Somebody has a STEADY hand and some neat...
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    what thype of chonograph is it?

    I just opened up a chronograph for service and see that the 4th wheel combination driver wheel has a hairspring attached to it. The hairspring stud is fixed into the compound wheel. The coumpound wheel is free to rotate on the 4th wheel pinion although it is restricted by the hairspring. This...
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    watchmaker Mary Green

    I am looking for information about Mary Green. Her name is on a verge fussee that came into the shop. It is in a double case with #1779 and the hallmark is Capital letters TC with a crescent moon under the letters. The outer case is coated with a clear material. Maybee many coats of lacquer...
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    ESA 9162

    I am about to service an Esa 9162 does anyone know if the accutron 214 test meter could be used to set the phase on this movment? What is the proceedure for removing the watch from its case? Are parts still available?
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    Rolex 620

    I am currently restoring an old Rolex 620 and would like to know if anyone can tell me what material the ballance wheel is made of?
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    Help with a Venus 140 Chrono

    I think you r problem is not with the setting but is now with the hairspring. It is most likely rubbing the ballance bridge or you have some coils sticking together.
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    Mechanical WW Removal of ballance staff from ladies writs watch

    recently I was asked to staff a hamilton 750 ladies watch. Scince I have not done this for some time and was having much difficluty getting the old staff out and replacing it so that the ballance wheel runs true I cam upon and old technique of removing steel from brass. I simply made a...
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    Brevett 19L #1712 swiss lever coin silver case

    Can anyone tell me about the following: I have a Brevett coin silver pocket watch that is 19L and has a calendar mechanism that lists the day, date and month. On the back plate is the Brevett symbol #1712 and on the front plate is S.A.Syndacale with a cherubs or angles face with wings. The...
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    400 day

    i am having trouble identifying a Kundo 400 day miniature, midget or is it a jr. the only identifying marks on the back plate is Kieninger & Obergfell in the upper left hand corrner of the plate, under this is a trademark K inside a letter G inside a circle. On the right upper corner is made in...
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    do any of you know much about b-clocks, used for navigation by German Luftwaffe during WW2 . are they worth collecting? Its a really big wrist watch!

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