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    Information request Illinois Bunn Special SN 4404775

    Use to have the database on CD but misplaced since my move. Any info is appreciated.
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    Recovering account

    I tried to log in a week or more ago. Could not recover the account. Emailed webmaster with no response. Please help. Thanks, Wes (former NAWCC 156994)
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    Waltham Pocket Watch to be featured on CSI: New York

    A few months back one of the property masters from CSI New York purchased a Waltham Pocket Watch from Pocket Watch Site. It has come to my attention that the episode that this prop will be used in airs Wednesday at 10PM Eastern & Pacific, on CBS. The watch also shipped with a "stunt double"...
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    Hampden Keywind Pocket Watch

    Is it nickel plated or gilded? This sounds like a private label contract watch made by Hampden - or possibly its predecessor, the New York Watch Company (then a dial switch). A photo of the movement would help place it.
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    Locked and Loaded....

    instead of moved to the proper category.old ref::Dues Thread Locking such and leaving it visible sure makes it look like that question was not welcomed.
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    New KW Pocket Watch

    Has anyone heard of a new (modern) key wind pocket watch in production? I have someone looking for a new one. Heck, I don't think I've had one newer than the 1890's :eek:
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    I received this email today. Was wondering if anyone here could help. THANKS!
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    Plastic crystals

    Does anyone have a source for new plastic crystals for pocket watches? We are talking larger ones - 17-20L I know sometime in my lifetime I will run out of my glass crystals - and so will everyone else....
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    Cannon Pinion Tighteners

    Does anyone use the modern Bergeon cannon pinion tightener for pocket watch cannon pinions? This is the handheld tool. Input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Online Databases - thanks to Ch 149 and Henry Burgell

    I just found the following databases on the Chapter 149 web site: Hamilton Hampden Rockford South Bend Thank you Henry Burgell, Jon Hanson, Sam "the Columbus man" Kirk and the rest of the folks from The Early American Watch Club who provided assistance in this well needed endeavor! I have...
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    Tom's Tremont

    Tom McIntyre, You posted this image on another thread way back when. What is the SN? 2284? Also, does it still have the normal SS RN dial, or does it have something different (unsigned)?
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    NAWCC Watch Sales?

    I found this page in the NAWCC Gift Shop. Last I heard, you could not buy new Hamiltons through a web site shopping cart. Most of the internet dealers that do carry the Hamiltons would have the buyer call in the order to get around this. Anyway, this is in the NAWCC Gift Shop online - does...
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    Biggest problem with eBay - How do YOU deal with it?

    My biggest problem with eBay is that you cannot leave a negative feedback under ANY circumstances. The most recent is the Tremont I purchased from a seller in Arizona. It was not as described. After the seller saying they couldn't do anything about it, I filed a claim with Paypal. The...
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    Dueber Case mark - 14K or GF?

    Can anyone shed some light on this to help me cofirm whether it is solid 14K or gold filled? I am pretty sure it is solid, but just want to make sure....
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    Hamilton grade 927 question

    I usally remove the balance cock from the movement. Then I remove one of the 2 screws and loosen the other. I then swing the hs stud bridge (for lack of better terminology) out to expose the HS stud. The HS stud just sides out. As always, don't force anyting out. In this case you could...
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    Elgin BW Raymond Military 23J Pendant Set Wind Indicator

    Here is a neat 23J BW Rayomnd Pendant set wind indicator made for the military. Anyone have any ideas as to its origin? It seems like this was a lever set (as indicated by the dial plate and the Elgin database) that was converted to a pendant set. As the dial plate looks to have been...
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    Chapter 166 - Las Vegas Valley Timekeepers

    If you live in the Las Vegas area or Southern Utah and would like to participate in your local chapter, please visit the all new Vegas Valley Timekeepers, NAWCC Chapter 166 web site. This chapter has been a stagnent chapter for a few years, but there are some still interested in growing the...
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    The link to is down at the moment. I emailed you and it got bounced. Hope all is well!
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    Sessions Electric Model W

    I have a Sessions clock that is stamped "model W 60 cycle 2 watt" on the back. If I plug it it it doesn't work. If I spin the rotor by hand I can get the sweep seconds hand to work. Also, I can set the hands. Does this mean the motor is shot? Any chance of finding a replacement? At this...
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    American PW Elgin 571 Click Spring

    Does anyone have - or know where I can find - a drawing for a 16s Elgin 571 click spring?

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