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    Need westminster pendulum quartz movement

    Installed 4x4 chiming quartz only to find it can't handle 18" 150 gram pendulum. Anyone know of a westminster movement that will handle this pendulum ? Thanks :confused:
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    New haven tall case with ladder chain

    Looking for photo of how weights were hung from chain Have some ideas but would like to see original if possible and pulls are missing also Thanks
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    Atmos door lift

    Need to reattach the lifting piece on top of the front access glass. looking for how others do it.
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    Atmos 528 question

    This clock came in not running and I notice that the winding chine was not connected I removed the bellows it checked out good removed the hands,dial,movement and front plate. Looking over the back plate I discovered the ratchet click and support blade post would turn with little effort. Before...
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    Tall Case Movement

    Working on this movement and wondering what it is. I do not see any marks and I am having trouble finding information on it Thanks for any help.
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    40 hourGilbert alarm

    Need so help trying to remove movement from case. I removed all the screws, knobs and the winding key but seems to be caught on shut off rod must be missing something
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    Cuckoo clock weights spin

    Working on a 8day Hubert Herr When raising the weights they spin. I replaced the chains but new aftermarket ones are crap. looking for advice can I buy new original ones or fix the old ones ?
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    E N Welch Roundhead No. 4 Questions

    Looking for photos of what the top of the calendar lift part looks like. I can find photos of the bottom were it lifts the calendar movement and know it's a thin brass strip 5/8 wide. I did notice that the hole in the L shaped arm that is pinned to the date wheel is threaded. and would like to...
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    Waterbury Double Deck Chime

    Working on this Waterbury chimer # 35 and would like information on chime barrel spring. the spring that is in it now is .875 x .0195 x 85" The barrel needs to rotate once a day with with the barrel clamped in the spring winder I can only get eight rotations of the crank not enough to run a...
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    Cracked Great wheel ratchet

    Need to make replacement ratchet and looking for what type of brass I should use. Thanks Earl
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    Shatz Ships clock platform balance

    Just overhauled this Shatz ship clock and when reinstalling the balance I noticed the escape wheel wobbling.Under the loop the bridge pivot is worn badly all the others are fine. My question is about trying to bush it. The pivot is 0.2 MM or .0075 in. my smallest drill is # 80 drill .013 .in...
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    Urgos Triple Chime Cable Escapement Issues

    Working on this 80's triple chimer. Used Mark's butter bearings on most of pivots to solve plated pivot issue and all seemed well bench tested for several weeks returned to customer a couple weeks later I get a call not running. I brought home and found a bad bearing most likely do to bushing to...
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    Help with Mastercrafters 551 Swinging playmates

    In my research it seems that most of these were made with plastic gears The one I'm working on has no plastic (early one?) I'd like to repair this one as it has sentimental value. The motor windings are gone someone lost the hour pipe and wheel also someone chewed up the drive pinion trying to...
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    Mastercrafters swinging playmates 551

    Read all the old posts I could find and they seem to suggest that they all were made with plastic gears. The one I have has no plastic and I'm guessing it must be an early one. This one needs a motor as the windings are gone. I can not find any marking as to the maker, I'm willing to buy parts...
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    American PW Elgin hard to pull stem

    Have a question I removed the movement and crown and before I remove stem and sleeve I would like to know why the stem is hard to pull and what to remedy this. Thanks
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    repairing plated movements

    I have been reading old posts on movements with plated pivots using Mark's Butter Bearings. The large pivots have plating worn and can't be polished. I've looked at many small pivots under 30x microscope and can see what I believe is oxidation. I've burnished them and polished with 1500 wet...
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    Revere clock need help with wear problem

    Working on Revere movement dated 1930 the pipe that supports the chime wheel on the inside and the second shaft through the center and driven by the motor is badly worn on the inside. Before I make a new one I was wondering if anyone has seen this problem and what material is best for this repair.
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    Great Wheel Ratchet Repaired

    Thought I would share this repair. Needed to repair a damaged ratchet. To remove the cupped washer and wheel I had to face off the shoulder to remove staking. After filing the ratchet teeth replaced wheel and washer, but couldn't stake. So I turned the shoulder to accept a shouldered bushing...
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    First Revere Clock

    Servicing my first Revere clock 1930 Tambuor style mantel. Came in as would not strike correctly. Found the chime switch nearly in the off position. After inspection found wear and grime around some pivots . The pin in the gathering pallet barely catches the rack and I imagine the motor should...
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    Seikosha co. Bim Bam

    Working on this Quartz / mechanical movement time keeping is erratic. Would like to find a replacement checked all the suppliers and on line with no luck. This movement has a friction escapement type mech. that runs the pendulum and a rack and snail to run the chimes. Any help on what to do? Thanks

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