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    Water of Ayr / Tam o' shanter stones

    Is a water of ayr stone the same thing as a tam o' shanter stone?
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    Hauser p325

    Other then the one in George Danials book has anybody ever seen a Hauser P325 jig borer?
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    REVIEW: Derek Pratt (Memorial Book) by T.Treffry{Ed.} et al.

    I just received my copy of the book that the BHI published of the proceedings of the memorial seminar for Derek Pratt. If your interested in watchmaking at the highest level you should get a copy of this book. Derek was a watchmaker at the level of a George Daniels but not as well known. His...
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    Deleting Posts

    I'm through with the nawcc, how do I go about deleating all my posts?
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    delating threads

    So Grant we are not allowed to discuss the management of the NAWCC in either public or privet forums? Todd WarrinerI Lambertville, M
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    LIP Chronometer

    I have a LIP chrinometer that I am working on. The movemet measures 47.3 mm across the dial. I would like to find some pictures of this movement that show the balance spring. As this watch has the wrong one and I would like to take a shot at making one. Thanks! Todd
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    Why should I renew my membership...

    I have lying on my desk the renewal slip for my NAWCC membership I Have been a member since the early 80's. It's $65.00 to renew for another year and I can think of no good reason to renew. If somebody can give me one valid reason to renew I will. I'm not interested in American railroad watches...
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    Levin Backing Off Attachment

    I am looking for information on a Levin backing off attachment. This is a tool that mounts in place of the compound on a Levin watchmakers lathe. It is used to make form relived milling cutters IE form relived gear cutters. If you happen to have a copy of "Practical bench work for horologists"...
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    Levin Model "D"

    Anybody here have any experience rebuilding a Levin model D headstock? This is the rounded one. I need headstock bearings. The bearings are a set of class 7 precision spindle bearings. The original set was made with the one closest to the collet having a flange on it to take the thrust. Levin...
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    Anybody have a source for new hairsprings? I'm interested in blank hairsprings that you would finish yourself. Thanks All!

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