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    The skill of the dialmaker

    PP could sell ice to eskimos. Regards Aditya
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    Quarter repeater

    I got this movement recently. It works with a decent amplitude (considering that it is very dirty and needs an overhaul). The repeater also works, although the last quarter is a little sluggish. Seeing that it has a lever escapement and that it is key wound/set, I would say it is from the mid...
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    Storing fusee watches

    My newest fusee drive pocket watch is hallmarked Chester,1903 Regards Aditya
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    Mechanical WW Orient balance problem

    Check if the balance spring is free. It could be rubbing against the cock or the balance arm. Regards Aditya
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    Problem with dismantling barrel

    Skutt50, that sounds like a good solution, thanks! Of course, I will have to acquire a left handed tap and die set of the right size. Jerry, the movement is mine. Thanks for the suggestion and drawing! I shall mull over this, since it's mine and there is no time pressure :-) Graham, this is...
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    Problem with dismantling barrel

    So I carefully milled the mushroomed head of the arbor, happy to inform that the wheel suffered no collateral damage :) The threads in the wheel aappear to be intact, those on the arbor are all but gone. I will think about what to do with this. A threaded assembly is likely to fail again...
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    Good Amplitude...but Running Slow?

    another reason could be that it is out of beat. regards Aditya
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    Problem with dismantling barrel

    Jerry, Dewey and Karl, Thanks for your help. I tried unscrewing the wheel from the arbor but it turns both ways. I think the thread gave up at some point and somebody tried riveting the arbor to the wheel. The end of the arbor does look a little untidy. I'm going to put on my thinking cap. At...
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    Problem with dismantling barrel

    Hello All, I got this movement recently because it intrigued me. The dial is held down by screws and I found the "Lepine" layout unusual for an English watch. The trouble is, I just cannot figure out how to dismantle the barrel. The ratchet wheel is secured to the barrel arbor on the dial...
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    23 Jewel Repeater Movement Identification

    1850! I didn't know that the Swiss lever escapement was that old. Regards Aditya
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    help with long-case clock

    Thanks for the tip! I will only use enough line for the weight to reach the floor. regards Aditya
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    help with long-case clock

    I asked a cousin, who plays tennis. He says everyone stopped using natural gut 15 to 20 years ago. The stuff they use now is synthetic. I think I will go with the perlon line. The dial foot issue I shall deliberate over if the clock comes in for restoration. Regards Aditya
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    help with long-case clock

    The patch at 4 o'clock looks like heat damage. The dial foot under that is detached and there is evidence of previous attempts at soldering. regards Aditya
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    help with long-case clock

    Thanks for the help Novicetimekeeper! I will rule out gut since I am not sure how it will behave in out climate. Of the others, i.e. bronze, galvanised steel, vinyl covered steel and perlon, which would you recommend? The small symbols inside the roman numerals are 1 to 12 in the Devanagari...
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    help with long-case clock

    Is this rope used for the weight? Longcase Clock Ropes Regards Aditya
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    help with long-case clock

    Hello, This clock might come to me for restoration. If it does, it will be my first long-case clock. All that's missing is the seconds hand. I also feel the 'cable/cord' on which the weight hangs should be replaced. Could anyone point out the correct cable from the CousinsUK site? That's where I...
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    What movement went in this case?

    If it's English then the location of the winding hole indicates that it had a movement with a going barrel. regards Aditya
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    Is this an early Lepine?

    Hello, The 'winding arbor' on the dial side probably carried the stopwork. I am quite sure the setting and winding from the back is original. Regards Aditya
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    Very early Glashutte watch

    Wow! It's quite an old design then. It's a Swiss innovation, isn't it? By the way, I'm more into English watches. On those, among the watches I have seen, the club-foot appears in the 1890s I think. Regards Aditya
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    Very early Glashutte watch

    Such an interesting watch! I didn't know the club-foot escape wheel dates back to 1860. Regards Aditya

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