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    strike lift wire lubrication ?

    I am repairing a pillar and scroll movement. Has been stalling just prior to striking. I found that the lift wires were a little rusty. I have polished them to a mirror finish. I am thinking of reassembling with no lubrication on the wires. Would appreciate comments by the more experienced...
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    Riley Whiting "Winchester" tall case movement

    Thanks for the information. I will get a copy and take a look. Andy Elder
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    Riley Whiting "Winchester" tall case movement

    Thanks so much for the photos. The only reference I could find was a rather dark photo of the strike side in Bulletin 145, page 278. I also appreciate the photo of the original hands. Andy Elder
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    Riley Whiting "Winchester" tall case movement

    Can someone post a photo or photos of a Riley Whiting "Winchester" movement used in his tall case clocks? I am looking at a Riley Whiting clock and would like to know if it has the proper movement. Thanks, Andy Elder
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    Mora clock movement

    Looking for a movement for a Swedish Mora grandfather clock. Does anyone know someone who might have a loose movement? Thanks.
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    "J.W.G. Special"

    Thank you all for the help. I didn't mean to identify the watch as "The President" grade. I should have said "similar to". I saw the watch misidentified as a "Swiss fake" on eBay, but my example was purchased at a local auction. Unfortunately it has been recased and the original dial replaced...
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    "J.W.G. Special"

    Can anyone give me more info on this watch? I believe it was made by the United States Watch Co. of Waltham. It looks very much like "The President" model illustrated in Cooksey Shugart. The "J.W.G. Special" was mentioned in the lawsuit between Waltham and the USWC as one of the watches that was...
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    Wm Ellery eagle "hallmark"

    I have a Wm Ellery 7J, model 1857, 18S hunter case pocket watch. Serial #97376. The photo shows the inside of the back cover. The inside of the front cover has the inscription "B.M& Co" and the letter "B" below. Is anyone familar with this company and this particular eagle mark? The case is...
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    Morbier clock

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I contacted the Morbier Museum in Germany. They stated the clock was made by a Dutch firm in 1972-1975. The movement was made in Hungary.
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    Morbier clock

    Does anyone know the origin of this reproduction morbier clock? It has a traditional morbier type movement and is quite nice. Thanks. See photos attached.

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