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  1. CountryClockFixer

    Clock Wayne Griffith hermle clock repair videos

    I am desperately seeking Wayne Griffith clockworks video on hermle clock repair
  2. CountryClockFixer

    Clock repair video

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the repair video course by Wayne Griffith, the one where he shows how to repair a hermle movement?
  3. CountryClockFixer

    Cuckoo music box problem

    When the music box is engaged,the weight drops to the floor at a high rate of speed.
  4. CountryClockFixer

    Making a profit repairing clocks?

    Can someone tell me,is it possible to make a profit repairing clocks these days with the economy the way it is,just curious,I am still wondering if it is worth while pursuing the hobby any further,any information would be greatly appreciated,thanks to all in advance. Allen
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