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  1. UncleDoc

    Three new acquisitions

    One mechanical and two electric. They were cheap enough and my wife (who asked if I wanted the Sherline Lathe for Christmas. I'm about 3/4 of the way there money wise) said I needed them. The Hammond is the nicest. in my opinion. Marble or Onyx?
  2. UncleDoc

    Interesting Display of Automobile Clocks

    Ran across this display of automobile clocks in a shop we visit now and again. All seemed reasonably priced for an antique shop, but I'm wondering if there's a reference for information on clocks in this general category. Didn't buy any since I know very little about them. Duane
  3. UncleDoc

    De Bruce Anniversary Clock

    Picked this up on the way home from work via Craigslist. Got it for $10, with the understanding that it wasn't working. Small chip in the dome that will hide nicely when rotated to the back. First thing I noticed when I got it home was the suspension spring looked odd. Not straight, but...
  4. UncleDoc

    Anniversary Present from my wife

    Very cute little birdcage clock. Bird moves on the tick tok. Combines two things I love.
  5. UncleDoc

    Potential New Purchase

    My antique guy sent me pics of a wall clock (attached). Not sure about price, but he knows I'm cheap. Identification help is appreciated. Duane
  6. UncleDoc

    Two new acquisitions

    Today I picked up the Set Thomas mantel clock from my friend Henry. Runs nicely with a nice little bell chime on the half hour. The Gothic ( I think that's correct) came from an antique store in Essex, MA while were spending the weekend in Rockport. It's quite an interesting phenomenon...
  7. UncleDoc

    What is "fluttering?"

    Having successfully resurrected a Kieninger Obergfell Kundo clock, I'm wondering what the term fluttering means. Mine still runs a wee bit fast, and I have a handle on how to adjust it, but what's this mean? Duane
  8. UncleDoc

    Seth Thomas Mantel Clock ID

    My guy Henry texted me this picture of his latest offering. Says he's gonna have to up-charge me from our usual $20 price-point. He says it works and chimes on the hour, but I countered with that if it only chimes on the hour, then it's broken and needs repair! Anyway, I only just ordered the...
  9. UncleDoc

    Couple new clocks and some questions

    Henry, my friend working to sell the estate had a couple clocks for me. They were $20 each. He knows my price point. One runs nicely, but I'm not sure of the movement ID. Photo attached. It's the one with the bell, which is loose, so it chimes with a dull thud. The other has a Seth Thomas...
  10. UncleDoc

    K-O Model ID for suspension spring

    I'm trying to source a suspension spring for this new clock of mine, but can't find an ID# on the plate. All I see is a large H. I measured the broken spring and find that it's 0.0025". Is that good enough to order from Horolovar? Can someone ID the right config from that Book that I need...
  11. UncleDoc

    Todays' discoveries

    Re-visited an antique store and found a couple $20 clocks and a group of 5 little pocket watches for $5 each. Three of them seem to run. More fun in store! Also, later I'll post my Joe Collins progress.
  12. UncleDoc

    Sherline Lathe and Mill questions

    So, Jerry Kieffer correctly predicted that I would eventually find my way to precision tools. I've been exposed through my wife to a guy who is a very skilled machinist with unlimited room and equipment. I'm going over on Saturday to return some tools he let me borrow and pick his brain about...
  13. UncleDoc

    Grease for main springs

    Are there any commonly available greases that are ok to use on main springs? I mean available locally at auto parts or craft stores. I always think of things I need to order after the fact. I assume petroleum based lubricants should be avoided.
  14. UncleDoc

    Tempus Vitam Regit Tee Shirt?

    Looked in the gift shop thinking this would surely be an option for a logo tee shirt. Nope. Did I miss it. Will I get in trouble if I get one made special for me?
  15. UncleDoc

    Got my membership packet in the mail

    It's official, go my card to carry. I have viewed the two publications on line, but there's no equal to holding them in hand to view. Great quality and great content. Worth the price alone.
  16. UncleDoc

    Next Project: Joe Collins Winder

    I'm setting out to build the Joe Collins Spring Winder. Lots of old info out there, I see. Is Joe still around? I'd like to pick his brain if possible. I downloaded the basic plans from our site, but have questions. I'll start with the intro and get more specific as I proceed. Thinking I...
  17. UncleDoc

    Big Ben main spring question

    Dove into the Big Ben alarm clock. Seems the clock will run with some tension on the main spring. Doesn't wind smoothly. Showing pics of a kink of sorts in the spring. Can I simply straighten it out and all is well? Weird anomaly in the spring. Duane
  18. UncleDoc

    Need help finding the best hand-puller

    I'm seeing several designs on Timesavers and Clockworks ranging from $5 to $85. What are the advantages of each?
  19. UncleDoc

    Question about recent acquisition

    I'm wondering if the figure on the top of this clock belongs or is just an add-on after the fact. Depending on the day and the angle I go back and forth. Duane NAWCC Member (even though it doesn't show on my profile)
  20. UncleDoc

    Waterbury mini mantel clock

    We found this cute little thing in an antique store. Not old, but very nice shape and size. How is the movement characterized? What is it called among the learned? It's wound up very tight but doesn't run. Could put a battery movement in it for my wife's office (she made me buy it), but...
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