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    Hammond Gregory Hand Removal

    I need to remove the seconds hand from a Hammond Gregory clock but I can't work out whether it is a push fit or has a threaded retaining nut. I dont want to risk damaging it so can anyone help? Thanks, Steve
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    Pennwood Pennwood Numechron

    I have a Pennwood clock similar to the one shown in the attached picture but all of it's ivory coloured fins are missing. I think the model name is either Imperial or Century. I want to make some replacement fins from ivory coloured perspex but need to confirm the outer dimensions. Does...
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    International Register Motor Model Numbers

    I'm trying to obtain information on timing motors manufactured by the International Register Co. I recently purchased several old 1/6 rpm motors which are of similar appearance but all stamped with different model numbers such as WB-2060, WB-580 and WB-1360 etc. I would appreciate any...
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    International Register Motor Repair

    I'm trying to dismantle an International Register clock motor to replace the supply leads which have broken off flush with the entry grommet. How do I separate the stator assembly from the gear box casing so that I can access the wiring?
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    Haddon Golden Vision Replacement Motor

    I need to obtain a replacement motor for a Haddon Golden Vision Model 70 clock. The existing motor has no identification marks but it looks like standard synchron type motor. Do you know what is the required RPM of the output shaft on the motor?
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