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  1. coldwar

    American any replacement motors available??

    This is a slow speed motor assy which was not replaced in normal factory authorized service except in instances where the coil was open, due to a lightning hit. There is a steel ball at the bottom of the field and coil assy hole which is found packed with solidified grease and oil if in original...
  2. coldwar

    GE "Hotel" World Clock questions

    I'm sure I have the seen contact assembly on a parts mech if is what you need. These were termed 'radio timers' by GE/Telechron and by those involved in their service in and out of warranty. GE/T I'm quite sure later developed the idea they could sell more of them if they termed them a...
  3. coldwar

    I need one of these

    Did you find one? You didn't mention if the one you need has a square hole or is threaded, right or left hand thread. CW
  4. coldwar

    What motor?

    M5A 'bottlecap'. 3.6 RPM, pretty easy to rebuild, closing the aluminum case after opening isn't so easy. Fortunately the field and coil assy holds the case closed tightly against the plate when assembled. I glue the alloy cap to the capsule base lightly first to contain the lubrication. I...
  5. coldwar

    WWV defunded?

    Threatening to cut this and that program makes our elected people seem like good stewards of OUR money, when in fact there is a very little chance in this case of the threat becoming reality. Field calibration of any equipment continues to happen using this cesium based radio time standard...
  6. coldwar

    Help with noise Seth Thomas Banjo clock motor

    You can install new bushings in both ends of the motor, but the tapered reamers we typically use to size the new bushings spoil the potential for lasting noise free operation. If you have the mech and motor I think you do, there are some replacement motor assys around - why not inquire with the...
  7. coldwar

    Post your Pennwood Numechrons Here

    The Pennwood Co. 'Swank'
  8. coldwar

    Post your Pennwood Numechrons Here

    Pennwood-Numechron mech -
  9. coldwar

    What is your favorite song about time?

    ....and the flip side.
  10. coldwar

    Post your Pennwood Numechrons Here

    Re: 1937 Bronze Pennwood Numechron It's been four years, but I hope Tea figured out he can use a Telechron/GE B type coil assy and coil pole, almost a exact fit. Make sure to tighten fasteners very tight or will hum. CW
  11. coldwar

    Help Identifying unusual clock Warren clock co for GE

    This is a typical General Electric "A" case watt hour meter enclosure, of which I have many contemporaneous examples. My immediate hunch was the case and mech did not start life together, however I'd like to ask for you to snap a pic of the back of the case, and another of the mech removed from...
  12. coldwar

    Clock Motors w/ Two Coils?

    This topic of AC for municipal power was decided with the Niagara Falls Tesla/Westinghouse system, driving a stake through the heart of Edison's DC municipal distribution systems. Tesla's system was 25hz, advanced and further developed by Westinghouse. The sometimes bitter rivalry of the 25cy...
  13. coldwar

    Clock Motors w/ Two Coils?

    It's pretty safe to term the motor seen as pre-war, the earliest I have seen these in dated clocks is 1939. Hansen redesigned their line during WWII and brochures reflect this, with a eye towards post war uses. Other makers such as Haydon, Haddon, International Register did likewise resulting in...
  14. coldwar

    Uncommon Hammond "WARALARM"

    I'm just curious - Who has the idea Hammond left the clock business before WWII - They left clock manufacturing about 1950 if memory serves.
  15. coldwar

    Atmos Over Rotation

    This problem is seen from time to time. Assuming all other parts are not altered, you will find the trouble is in the mainspring, its bridle, the barrel or some combination of the parts. I have been reluctant to lubricate the bridle even lightly, referring of course to factory service notes. A...
  16. coldwar

    The Last moron

    Why enter in to the topic at all. Even if you repair well the deal could still goes sideways you might end up the next moron. :chuckling: Keep on truckin'
  17. coldwar

    Clock parts wanted Obsolete older posts II

    Re: Clock Parts Wanted I gathered he hopes for the entire motor assembly. If the coil is all he needs, a fairly common Telechron/G.E. 'B' type #48 coil with some shimming will work great with the original field. Might not self start reliably no matter what parts, a old trouble with New Haven...
  18. coldwar

    Idiots & Bad Experiences

    What you have related sounds like a typical deal with collector/dealer/flipper customers, and describes what happens regardless of your reputation and willingness to try and help. These customers always know what is needed, how much it should cost, and how much time is involved both in backlog...
  19. coldwar

    Kodel Clock

    A Telechron "B" coil such as #48 will work on the Kodel field with some shimming, if it is not tight it will intermittently buzz. Common coil, easy to find on ebay or through sources.
  20. coldwar

    sessions horse clock

    Actually it is far easier to drive shaft out of rotor removing shaft and worm gear in one piece for service. Back the gear end of the field/coil assembly on a block with a hole to allow shaft/gear clearance. There very often is a small steel washer on shaft under rotor, don't lose it. With the...
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