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    Do you have a "rare" or "unusual" Elgin pocket watch?

    Love the Father Time's The gold gilt and the free sprung Thanks for the pics!
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    Yes, another Hamilton Pocket watch post

    Many jewelers do not actually repair them. They ship it out. I agree with the above statements. This board doesn't like people promoting their businesses here. That is why Private Messages are used. You are in the right place though. PM as requested above. You will be treated right, and fair...
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    How about posting your glass back salesman/display cases with movement.

    Nice thread. It is going to make me look for some glass backs for my watches.
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    "SNOWBIRD" Destinations this year..?

    Mid November we usually head south. Delaying until early next year. Safer at home we believe.
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    Restoring a 329 21j The Studebaker...

    I am amazed with your skills. One of my favorite watches. Thank you for saving this one!
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    Ad Blocking Software

    Tom, I appreciate the information. I now have a little better understanding of how things tie together. Thank you.
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    Ad Blocking Software

    I may be confused. I thought NAWCC provides no support for these forums. I thought this site was funded by donations only. Now, it appears NAWCC will use this site to generate revenue for NAWCC, non of which will be used to support this site?
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    Hampden model 3 , 23 jewel, questions

    Rodney. I have a Special Railway model 3, a New Railway model 3, and a Special Railway model 4. All 18s 23j. These beautiful watches need take a back seat to no one! You have a special dial, i am envious! Congratulations.
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    Inter-State Chronometers

    Drat....I really like the looks of this 18s watch. Another one for my list.
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    Elgin dial post clocking ?

    Rick, I am aware of a free sprung 18s 3/4 plate Father Time deck watch of ww1 era. The lookup says grade 367. I am just starting to learn about free sprung. Might be correct for the gimball?
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    Elgin dial post clocking ?

    I know so little. I seems to me that the model 8 dial fits 3/4 plate and the model 7 fits full plate. At least that is how my Father Time watches are.
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    Southern 2020 Southern Regional - Is Happening

    Thank you Tom for posting this. I appreciate it.
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    Another ebay frustration

    There are many good sellers on eBay. It is the way I have built my collection. I review a seller to see feedback and how long they have been selling. I ask questions. I track my preferred sellers. With only a little work it is a good place to buy. My opinion only.
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    lack of high quality pocket watches at the Regionals.

    Well, I got some good advice from this thread. I am guilty of very little interaction with sellers at Regionals. I just "cruse through". I will work on my people skills!
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    lack of high quality pocket watches at the Regionals.

    Looks like the Southern Regional is still a go.
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    lack of high quality pocket watches at the Regionals.

    Jim, thank you for the response. Yes, that Pennsylvania is on my hit list. But there were others. South Bend 329, Rockford 900 Hamilton 946. I have these from the bay, i have not seen them at a Regional. I was reading an old thread. It was mentioned that years ago robbery after a Regional was...
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    West Coast Wildfires

    here in Western Washington, fires are near but we are safe. We do horse events so our fields are cut short and I have a 2,000gal water truck. Smoke is keeping us indoors though. I DID get a Sonoran 4 chime clock from the eastern on line auction site. Nice sound! No new pocket watches......
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    Southern 2020 Southern Regional - Is Happening

    Thank you for posting this. I wish there was an active link to events that could be accessed from this forum.
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    lack of high quality pocket watches at the Regionals.

    Which Regional will you attend?
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    Another ebay frustration

    Lee, I am sorry for your bomb. Just about all my purchases have been from the bay. It is about the only place I can get what I am looking for at a low price. It is, buyer beware though. I know sooner or later I will get bit. My sad story is the lack of high quality pocket watches at the...
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