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    French clock problem

    This sometimes happens if the rack bushing is too worn. What happens is that when you install the rack you seat it all the way down on the pin holding it - after a while it works its way slightly "upwards" causing too much play. I remember first time I came across this years ago. It took me ages...
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    Depthing tool anybody?

    I could not find anybody willing to produce the small parts. Getting the sides cast and machined was not a problem but nobody around here seems to have the mid-sized lathes and mills you need for the small parts, nor do they want to undertake small jobs. My machines are clockmaker size, so I can...
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    French Empire clock a Honore Pons St. Nicolas Rouen

    Exposa is the past tense of exposer - 'exhibited'.
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    Pictures of Japy Freres movement to aid reassembly

    PM me with an email address and I shall send you step by step photos explaining how to assemble the clock. Another good source is Thorpe's The French Marble Clock. It contains good drawings. I just noticed that you haven't attached any photos at all to your post - please give us a few photos of...
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    French Marti Rack and Snail Strikes 2 at highest point on snail where one should be

    Re: French Marti Rack and Snail Strikes 2 at highest point on snail where one should Well done. This is the type of issue you come across all the time. The rack and the rack tail are lose on their centre, or the rack pin or rack pivoting centre are worn to produce excessive play. You often need...
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    Where to find case parts or material

    Having looked at your photos again I think your case may possibly have been made from a French marble. These are not as well known as the Italian stone types but red marbles were (are?) produced in Languedoc and other regions. One very red variant was called Rouge Royal. It had these light gray...
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    Where to find case parts or material

    I use either a local monumental mason or a company in Italy to produce missing and damaged pieces, depending on whether the local mason can find the type of marble I need. In your case I think it will be difficult to find a matching stone. I am not an expert in exotic marble types but can...
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    Restore Or Enjoy Patina???

    Clean lightly, then conserve - but do not restore :-).
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    1880's French Portico Mystery Swinger Clock

    Congratulations - it would have spoken to me, too :)
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    Anyone affordable around anymore???

    The problem with these rising prices rally lies with the local butcher. Getting decent beef fillet for a fiver a kilo is getting increasingly difficult... ;-)
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    how to restore/polish french marble clock

    These types of repairs are not entirely simple or straightforward to do well. The basic technique is to use a special resin for this type of stone to re-attach pieces that have fallen off, then use a resin filled with powder or crystals of the stone from which the case was manufactured, or...
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    Help with French mantel clock

    I've never come across that winding system. Great fun but probably too expensive to produce so never made it into the mainstream. With regard to the springs you really do need the right tools. I see that you are all the way down in Provence. Do you ever come up here to Blighty?
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    Three piece French Clock.

    Wonderful clock indeed. The movement is a Japy Freres movement and the clock dates to around 1880-1900 - your photo is not quite clear enough to identify the exact look of the trade mark. The movement looks very dirty and I won't recommend running the clock until it has been cleaned and...
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    Help with French mantel clock

    I don't think so - they are embedded j-pegs. I haven't come across anybody else reporting this issue so I'm a bit at a loss. The only thing springing to mind is that you may be using a version of Acrobat Reader which is too old. I generate pdf files that can be read by Reader ver 6.5 and newer.
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    Help with French mantel clock

    I can't see any reason why normal paint remover wouldn't work. Test it in a hidden area first. You may find that the Belgian limestone is gray rather than black after this process. You bring it back up with a product called Marblack. After this process you re-paint the gilding using Liberon Gilt...
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    Buying mainsprings in the UK question

    That may explain why they couldn't deliver all sizes for a while some time ago. They told me that they had some difficulty sourcing the right type or steel or something similar. I have not experienced any issues and they seem to be able to deliver all sizes again.
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    Black Forest, French...and who is this guy?

    You are probably right regarding the subject. I know he made a quite similar carving of a poacher because it was sold here in the UK a while ago (at a price far above the valuation). I think it was from around 1880.
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    Black Forest, French...and who is this guy?

    Interesting clock. To venture a guess the hunter could very well be Wilhelm Tell. He is depicted similarly in several paintings.
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    Buying mainsprings in the UK question

    As far as I know M&P cut their own springs, so asking for a particular length should probably yield a positive result. I find their service very good and buy all my springs from them.
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