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  1. Dave B

    junghans barrel repair

    Nice anvil, Bang! 100 pounder? I imagine the step is handy for forming the cleats on the shoes. :D
  2. Dave B

    Fill weight for empty weight shells for grandfather clock

    If you're working with standard weight shells for Hermle (or any other modern German clock movement) you won't get enough weight in the chime sheel to bring it up to specs, unless you use either the standard replacement fillers (solid) or lead shot. Washers or other scraps will have too many...
  3. Dave B


    It does seem to me that the skill/knowledge level is a little higher in recent months, but I suspect that, like many things, that comes in waves. I like to hope it is because more newcomers are able to find what they need at first by lurking/searching/reading. If that is so, then it would seem...
  4. Dave B

    Bushing Tool

    To quote a magazine I subscribed to as a teen, "What me worry?" :D:D
  5. Dave B

    junghans chime clock

    I would heartily second all that Al said, and add, be careful about adjusting the chiming and strike hammers. On the ones I have worked on, the ratio of hammer length to tail length makes adjustment a little tricky, because the tails are so short, and so close to the pivot point. A very little...
  6. Dave B

    CAN ANYONE Identify This ?? Please

    All of the match safes I have seen had a flat side with grooves either cut or stamped into it, to provide a place for striking the match. Like this one.
  7. Dave B

    Dremel Drill Press

    If I didn't already own a UNimat 3 with the drill/mill setup, I'd go for that milling rig. When I broke a drill bit many years ago, my father said to me, "You can drill with a mill, but you can't mill with a drill." :D
  8. Dave B

    CAN ANYONE Identify This ?? Please

    How do you I don't think I'm ready for that story. :D
  9. Dave B

    Seth Thomas Metronome

    I have one that I bought many moons ago for about $5.00 in an antique store. It too was missing the slider weight. (I only bought it because it had both the front door and the bottom door, and the winding key.) I finally gave up on the search for a slider, and made my own, by carving a piece of...
  10. Dave B

    any idea who made this?

    The second set of photos are of an A12 (early half, 1912) Junghans movement I have in the shop. I only put them up to show what I believe are features peculiar to Junghans, to see if Mike could identify his unknown movement with any of them.
  11. Dave B

    How dangerous is clock repair?

    For many years, I was too cheap to buy clamps, and had (literally) miles of electric fencing wire that I used for things like tying springs. A couple of years ago, I bought a box lot of tools that included about a half dozen round clamps and a couple of the flat style. Those flat ones are really...
  12. Dave B

    Pendulum rubbing-ST Mantel

    That is a replacement suspension spring and pendulum rod. The Seth Thomas #89 movement used a narrower suspension spring, which could be slid a little further into the suspension post. I you take yours out, and grind a little off the inside edge (the edge toward the movement), you can probably...
  13. Dave B

    Do clocks run slower as mainspring winds down?

    That may sound good in theory, but I beg to differ empirically. My Seth Thomas Naples (I can't recall, offhand, which movement number - it is a round one, with loop end springs, and both springs winding counter clockwise) runs slow when fully wound, and gains when it is almost completely run...
  14. Dave B

    #89 seth thomas.

    So far as I know, all Seth Thomas #89 movements (regardless of the letter suffix, or lack thereof) are half-deadbeat.
  15. Dave B

    How dangerous is clock repair?

    And reliable means of clamping the spring when fully wound. Sets of clamps are inexpensive, reliable, and easier to deal with than tying them with wire or hose clamps. About storing broaches: My grandfather used to store his pointed end down in baby food jars with a bit of cloth in the bottom...
  16. Dave B

    Split wood fix

    Well - I clicked on their product guide, and, low and behold! - there are about a gazillion (well maybe thirty) different types of glue all marketed under the general name of "Titebond" So, apparently there is a Titebond Hide glue.
  17. Dave B

    How dangerous is clock repair?

    @lamar - You left out finding missing small parts on the floor by kneeling on them with the tender part of your knee. :bigsmile: You also left out the occasional metal splinter that you only discover when it begins to fester several days after you get it embeded into your hand. Oh, and don't...
  18. Dave B

    Need hardened steel cutter

    A while back, (like maybe six months ago, or so) someone posted a photo of a setup for cutting trundles using a cutoff wheel on a Dremel or equivalent tool, mounted in a vee block. The spacing between the wheel and the block was used to create trundles of equal lengths.
  19. Dave B

    Measuring an unknown thread pitch.

    My copy of American Machinists Handbook, 7th Ed., in Table 16, on page 190, lists the standard Elgin thread sizes. The only one at 120 tpi is tap dia=.0428" or 1.07 mm and a drill size of .0328" or .82mm.
  20. Dave B

    Looking for Draucker Pinion Wire Shear

    I have been toying with the idea of making one. Seems to me all you'd need is a few blocks of mild steel, some screws, and a standard 1/4" lathe tool bit ground to the proper shape to act as a shear.
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