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  1. scottmiami

    Back of dial - funny

    Thank you Tinker, but I can't claim credit for this bodge. I was just surmising what the previous repair person had done, and how it got that way. However, if I had considered your initial comment a bit more, I should have realized something was amiss & may have found this before reassembling...
  2. scottmiami

    Back of dial - funny

    Tinker, you have a great eye sir! I have cleaned the movement & last night was starting to fit the verge to test. And I saw this: Broken Pallet! So I took a look at Tran's New haven Book (from Sure enough, the EW had been mounted backwards. It appears that someone...
  3. scottmiami

    Back of dial - funny

    Re: Someone should find Tom and send this post to him. I should start doing that. I forget everything :-) I actually considered covering up the names, but figured they were written with a good sense of humor I'd leave them in.
  4. scottmiami

    A little story

    Frankie looks beautiful in the pics Dan. Hope all is well, looking forward to more posts from you soon. Scott
  5. scottmiami

    Back of dial - funny

    I'm not really sure how much is original to it. The EW clearly is not. As a matter of fact it actually fell off the arbor when cleaning it last night. Will have to do a bit of digging to find out how things are supposed to be. No doubt on the father / son. Liked their sense of humor though :-)
  6. scottmiami

    Back of dial - funny

    Decided this was to be my next victim: , Found this on the back of the dial, thought it was cute:
  7. scottmiami

    Best way to stop clocks from waking us during the night.

    Depends on the household member. If it's a kid who refuses to get a job & move out... let 'em run! If it's your spouse, you may want to consider a divorce, as you are clearly not compatible. Otherwise.. perhaps move your chiming / striking clocks to another part of the house & start looking...
  8. scottmiami

    Timesavers gathering pallets labeled wrong?

    Hadn't though of that. Good point! I need it for the strike, no chime here. What does right or left refer to incidentally? The direction the arbor turns or the side of the clock, or? The reason I asked the initial question is other suppliers appear to be reversed in their labeling, or (a good...
  9. scottmiami

    Timesavers gathering pallets labeled wrong?

    Finally considering working on my longcase clock that is in need of a gathering pallet. I ordered the left blank from timesavers sometime last year, but looking at it, it appears to be wrong. Are they mixed up between left & right or am I off in "left" field...
  10. scottmiami

    Strange Clock!

    Were it mine, I wouldn't try painting, but would like to see a bit more sheen on it. Maybe some dark / black wax to shine it up just a little? Definitely looks nekid without it's top adornment, probably a tough piece to match for it.
  11. scottmiami

    Grandfather Clock built in the Cival War -Location of Date Built?

    This may help: I am not an expert on these, but some pictures of the movement would certainly help. Hopefully some folks with more knowledge will chime in soon. Welcome to the message board!
  12. scottmiami

    Wall clock problem revisited.
  13. scottmiami

    Remove Gilbert back door

    Thanks again folks! Blkbeard, you are correct in that one of the posts is in a joint, your explanation makes sense to me. Willie, maybe, but I would be concerned about the glue lasting for a good length of time. Daz, thanks, but they're not long enough to hold a nut on the inside, and one of...
  14. scottmiami

    New Haven 19 1/4

    And for a visual:
  15. scottmiami

    First Disassemble/Assemble
  16. scottmiami

    Remove Gilbert back door

    Perhaps. I'll give it a shot when I put it back together and report back. Seems like it would have to be a bit sloppy to get it in though. Not many volunteers....
  17. scottmiami

    Remove Gilbert back door

    No, both the parts in the case and the door were threaded where they attach to wood. I really have no idea how they put the hinges / pins into the case part of the hinge other than bending. Compare the first post of the thread with tonights picture of the parts (with the current weirdness of...
  18. scottmiami

    Sperry & Shaw Tablet Question

    Agreed, awesome stuff. Definitely write it up & document everything. Who knows what it will see in the next century and a half.
  19. scottmiami

    Remove Gilbert back door

    And the answer is..... Threaded! Don't try pulling it out :smile: I did end up bending the pins / hinges. Pinges? Only way I could see.
  20. scottmiami

    Why do people refer to their clocks as "she"?

    Best not to keep wind them too tight. My wife is French, and she tells me all clocks are feminine. She has no idea why. I am not French, so call 'em as I see 'em.
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