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  1. Vernon

    Help Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock issues and ID

    Hello Levi, You have a nice old cuckoo worth restoring. I would repair the top piece by gluing the break and once dry, glue a thin piece on the back side over the seam for strength. The bellows don't appear original to me because of the plastic portion of the pipes. Bellows and hands can be...
  2. Vernon

    About to embark on a Hermle GF simply stopped

    A and B weren't designed to contact each other. A is a part of the motion works and is called an idler gear transferring motion from one wheel to another. B pushes on the lifting lever to start the chime/strike functions. I think that what you are seeing is the remnants of the machining process.
  3. Vernon

    About to embark on a Hermle GF simply stopped

    I agree with the David LaBounty recommendation, I borrowed it from the library. Also, Conover's Chime Clock Repair book will give you tips for this and other brands. If your clock has plated pivots, you might be gentle when polishing. Even so, it will be fun to work on!
  4. Vernon

    Help Movement with a count wheel won't stop striking..

    When the count hook goes into the deep slot, other things should happen at that moment. Take a look at Bangster's post to see if it helps.
  5. Vernon

    Bushing Too Loose

    I would chamfer the plate on both sides then select a taller bush and use a round nose punch or a ball bearing and rivet it tight. File the excess flush. You could also make a custom bushing and install. I have done what you are suggesting and it works but it isn't pretty.
  6. Vernon

    Educate me about pendulums, help new guy.

    Some other places to check for wear (slop): the pallets (look for grooving), the pin/bushing for the anchor and the pinions trundles.
  7. Vernon

    watchmaker's regulators

    I see most (jewelers) regulators for sale at auction sites. They can go anywhere from a couple of thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. They will be time only, seconds beat, weight driven, dead beat escapement, maintaining power and pendulum.
  8. Vernon

    Basic clock questions

    I do think that Knock on wood had their customers best interest in mind. Considering stopping the pendulum before winding: while thinking of the action of winding a clock, the case might be jostled some or just the lack of power while winding could cause the pendulum to stop or ew. teeth...
  9. Vernon

    Basic clock questions

    This was mentioned just after the second full paragraph and might be the best advice.
  10. Vernon

    Shop Space

    My shop is in the basement with no real natural light. The area that I use is about 12' by 10' with overhead and task lighting and in an L-shape using two benches. I have my lathe and mill on one bench and it's height is roughly counter height. My assemble/disassemble bench is lower (too...
  11. Vernon

    Help Chiming levers problem

    Is there a portion of rack tail missing? Also, the hammers should be relaxed when not chiming/striking.
  12. Vernon

    Seth no. 2 bob

    With the rod and I believe it all to be original. Fortunately, I'm working on the movement so it was no issue to grab it and weigh.
  13. Vernon

    Seth Thomas Seth Thomas steal?

    There will be a bar on the bottom of the movement that the pulley runs into that is intended to stop the winding. Nice looking clock!
  14. Vernon

    Seth no. 2 bob

    31oz. and 4.5"dia for my 77B.
  15. Vernon

    Clock replacement

    Timesavers part #20529, 13262, 23550 or 23549 could be what you need depending on hand shaft length. Although it's a rear set movement, maybe that won't matter.
  16. Vernon

    Haller movement striking problem

    What about the rack, was that cleaned? Does it move easily with no sticking if you move the rack hook out of the way? I might have to see a video posted here from youtube. Let it strike at 12 then move the minute hand to 1:00 so that we can see. I don't think that I could do any repair with...
  17. Vernon

    Help Seth Thomas #2 regulator hands keep falling off

    Ok, I quoted you. Mine uses a nut but that's not saying much as it could be a transition piece...
  18. Vernon

    Help Seth Thomas weight driven clocks verge & crutch questions

    If there is enough brass, I've use a fine triangle file to cut the teeth deeper. There are replacement ratchet wheels available if needed. I see a bent tooth on the second wheel and wouldn't be surprised if there were worn lantern pinions and bushings needed too.
  19. Vernon

    Help Seth Thomas weight driven clocks verge & crutch questions

    I'm sure that they were mass produced, it's just there could be a difference in wear in the parts and like I said, making adjustments by eye. Here is some info on strike train set up from the (Sticky Threads Section) of this forum.
  20. Vernon

    Grandfather clock

    To start, take a look and make sure the cable is still on each drum and not wrapped around the arbors. You might want to take the dial off to see what's going on. Take some clear photos of the movement and post here.
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