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  1. Ticktinker

    American PW Alter a pocket watch to run in reverse

    Skutt, very intelligent a very simple way to do it! As for the dial, I like the idea of running unintelligibly.
  2. Ticktinker

    American PW Alter a pocket watch to run in reverse

    I was just mulling over in my mind about how to alter a pocket watch to run in reverse. Question: if I can make a mainspring arbor that will allow me to flip the mainspring over, create a hooking point for the spring... Then will there be an issue with the escape wheel and pallet geometry...
  3. Ticktinker

    Equipment/Supplies Polishing issues

    I tried buffing off some compound on some wood, with some success.
  4. Ticktinker

    Equipment/Supplies Polishing issues

    Thanks Chris, I recalled my jr high and highschool shop, I need to find a Dressing stick...and will try the wood, I suppose on the end grain. Went in to polish a rock, picked up one of the dirty buffer heads and went high speed, that deposited some of the compound in the rock pores... Also maybe...
  5. Ticktinker

    Equipment/Supplies Polishing issues

    I would like some advice on Polishing wheel maintenance. The photo shows some of my wheels loaded up with polish and residue from watches. This happens with use on both Gilt and nickle material pocket watches. Before or after cleaning with a solvent, neutralizing with dish soap, rinsing in water...
  6. Ticktinker

    American PW Select a Hairspring for an 1865 model Waltham Bartlett...

    Thanks Richiec, I bought a group of un-studded springs and will try to find a good one from there. This is going to be a fair watch if I can get it a bit cleaner, and get a decent beat out of it.
  7. Ticktinker

    Electric WW Battery Type Help Please

    I have had it with the cheap batteries. I use 3 batteries in my loupe lamp, and they urn down too quickly.
  8. Ticktinker

    Poising for zero G - a speculative thread

    This made me interested in the G factors, I found by a search the astronauts experienced 4 G's force in lift off, just prior to engine cut off... And then 7 G's upon earth re-entry. I have to wonder how the watches ran after the two events in the mission.
  9. Ticktinker

    American PW Select a Hairspring for an 1865 model Waltham Bartlett...

    Greetings Fellow hobbyists. I found a decent 1865 model Waltham PS Bartlett 10 S. The hairspring gave out from rust damage while I was cleaning and re-assembling the watch. I have a copy of Swigarts catalog, and had no luck pin-pointing which hairspring I should use to replace the old one. Can...
  10. Ticktinker

    Mechanical WW Data base to match WW cases and dial to a movement?

    Does anyone know of a Data base that does the following? 1) I have a random case or case and movement spacing ring, and perhaps a dial I like. 2) input the seven or eight parameters = Diameter, thickness to fit into the case and crystal, Auto, plain mechanical, quartz, how many center hands, and...
  11. Ticktinker

    Lever set fix

    Might have better luck Finding a replacement or making the entire part from metal strap material. Also to consider, is if you create a new arm on the existing part by simply bending up more material, you may be putting the watch into setting mode by simply having the lever out past the edge of...
  12. Ticktinker

    American PW Waltham royal has erratic timing

    My machine is Wei shi 1000. It has mostly unintelligible instructions, I have figured how to make manual settings work. I think there are some instructions written by a private party that can help, I would like to find those.
  13. Ticktinker

    American PW Waltham royal has erratic timing

    I have a timing machine. It shows a blizzard... How can I find the proper locking angle, as my cheapie machine defaults at 52 degrees. I guess without a proper degree setting the machine readouts are bogus. I will look closer at the roller jewel. I have performed a pallet off test of the power...
  14. Ticktinker

    American PW Waltham royal has erratic timing

    I did a disassembly and clean with cleaning solvent. As I assembled I found good action in the pallet. With the balance on and pallet off, the balance ocillates very nicely.
  15. Ticktinker

    American PW Waltham royal has erratic timing

    Skutt thanks, I was talking about burrs near the area where the stud is held to the balance cock... I have tried filing away the offending burrs, because they are not in an area that would effect the staff clearance, etc. Yes I have a lot of available adjustment range for the height of the stud...
  16. Ticktinker

    American PW Waltham royal has erratic timing

    Does anyone agree the rough surface underneath the balance cock could be the cause of timing device showing 524 more or less sec / day? I hope you can focus in on the photo, The hairspring appears to show the bluing is rubbed off near the stud. The overcoil seems to be flat in paralell...
  17. Ticktinker

    American PW Bunn Special with broken plate screw and balance jewel issue.

    This one is below the surface of the plate on both sides.
  18. Ticktinker

    Illinois pocket watch hair spring stud

    If the hairspring has become shortened as Skutt says, you should go for a complete hirspring with stud and collet.
  19. Ticktinker

    Work Benches

    You guys just forced me to update. Wider top with support area for the light.
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