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    German old Postmans ?

    I bought an old, Postmans clock with a small front , 20cm diameter and lots of work as several parts are missing. my question though is that on both main wheels you can read something like "TRISCHLER" and "ASCHCLACH". Does sombody know what this represents ? Also in the bottom wood there is a...
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    looking for origin

    Maybe one of you knows what clockwork this is, dating etc. Somebody asked me if I could fix a clock and I gave the wrong answer :)Anyway w`ll see in due time. On one of the photos there is like an "H" at the bottom side and also a number, 3913 with 5 5 below. Looks a German clock clock to me...
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    dating mantle clock

    Start working on a clock from August Schatz & Söhne, see pictures. Would somebody know when this type of clock was sold ? Thanks Kees
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    Seth Thomas Clock dating

    Just bought a S Thomas Clock which was laying in a barn in Ireland. Liked it and bought it. Never had one in my hands before. Question is: can one help to date tis Clock? All the parts seem to be there but needs a good cleaning for a start. Thanks Kees
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    how to dismantle this clock

    Bought an old German (Schwarzwald) clock and think it would date back to mid/late 18th century ? Now trying to take it apart for cleaning and fixing but got stuck already after taking of the hands. Before taking of the front plate I think one way or the other I have to take of the alarm disk...
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    working on Big Ben, question

    Working for the first time on a Big Ben, think style 5, produced 3 5 47. It all looks original. Before "killing" it is there s simple way for taking the hands of ??????
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    question about backplate inscription HAC Clock

    Working on a HAC clock. ( cross arrows on the back) on the back plate there is also an inscription: 147 / 38 130 or 180 Does somebody know if...
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