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    Heat treating Invar

    A friend and I have been noticing that an invar pendulum (on a clock he made) doesn't seem to change length/timekeeping in a linear fashion. He doesn't yet have compensation on it for the residual expansion. When the temp rises the clock stays at the same rate until the temp has risen a number...
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    #5 Regulator progress

    Well, I have finally started another regulator, and as long promised, I will attempt to chronicle the progress. We start with planning a more or less conventional regulator. This will have a jeweled dead-beat escapement, maintaining power, spiral-grooved barrel, and .6M high numbered train...
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    No. 4, nearly done

    So here is the nearly final product of the clock construction I have been promising pictures of. The dial and bezel will get silvered and lacquered at the very last, after final mounting in the case. I still have to make several case and bracket screws, again after the case is made, and I know...
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    Need taper chuck and reamer for pivot polisher

    Hi all -- I'm looking to acquire a taper chuck and reamer for a Moseley pivot polisher, as shown in Perkins' "Watchmakers Lathe", p. 169 -- A and B, fig 24. The arbor in the polisher is .179" od, the small end of the taper is .155", and the taper is ~.357 long. This figures to about a 4...
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