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    Help What is this tool used for?

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    Elgin 18s, Model 3, Grade 82, Mainspring Conundrum

    I have the above pocket watch. It needs a mainspring. The Elgin materials catalog states it needs an Elgin 812 mainspring. Yet, all the 812 mainsprings I've bought or seen are D.B. & H. type. Yet this mainspring barrel has no slits for the brace. I first thought that the barrel I had was...
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    Center Wheel Stripped Off Pinion

    Well, it was going well until... I've had this old Swiss 12s / 18 Lignes movement running at my desk for some two years. Then the mainspring gave way. I ordered a replacement New York Standard 16s spring for a replacement. It came. Today I put it in and wound the movement... only to have...
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    Pillar Plate Identification

    Does anybody have a source for American pocket watch pillar plate identification? Mainly 18s. Is there such a thing? I've spent a few hours trying to find such a source with no luck. Seems like this might be a project I should start. Ha! No pictures as I have a box of pillar plates that...
  5. 12V6GT

    Mechanical WW Pallet Fork Bridge ID

    I know this is probably a long shot but a picked up a 'bunch' of these pallet fork bridges with a lot of watch parts. Do any of you have a clue as to what watch/movement they may be for? I'm rather surprised that a watchmaker would have so many of these on hand (three dozen). Do they fail...
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    Unknown KW KS

    Okay, one more. Anybody have a clue about this one? The movement actually has been running for a year or so but alas, the mainspring broke. Sigh. Anyway, any info on these type of pocket watches would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million.
  7. 12V6GT

    Movement Identification Help

    Hi, so, does anybody besides me get frustrated with trying to identify Swiss pocket watch movements? I've just about stopped buying them because the information for them doesn't seem to exist. Hopefully, it's ignorance on my part as I just don't know of any good resources for Swiss pocket...
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    Howard Banta Alarm Clock Chapter 178 - Unresponsive

    Does anybody know the status of this group? I've tried to join and get subscribed to their newsgroup but they have been totally unresponsive so I assume it's no longer valid? Can somebody confirm? Is there another place for us Alarm Clock folks? Also is there a newsgroup, or chapter just for...
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