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    Blanket wrapped shipping MA to PA

    Hi all, I will be shipping an E. Howard Number 2 clock from Belmont, MA to Orbisonia, PA (about 450 miles) in the next month and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a blanket wrap mover. I had used Don Hill out of Pittsburgh, PA several years ago. Not sure if he's still doing east coast...
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    Can anyone identify this French clock ?

    This is a friends clock that she brought into the office. It has 2 tubes (mercury ?) pendulum There is an inscription dated 1901 on the bottom (below the pendulum) The dial is signed (I believe) H. ??????on Freeman Boston Very very heavy with beautiful thick beveled glass Here are a few...
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    Converting an E. Howard 11 1/2 drop to a 28 1/4 inch drop

    Hi all, My partner and I are building 2 E. Howard 70-24 reproduction clocks. Rather than use an incorrect looking movement I would like to convert an existing 11 1/2 gallery movement to accommodate a 28 1/4 inch drop (used on 70-24). I assume this can be done someone like Mike Loebbaka or David...
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    Waltham Banjo (Willard Style) case....a few questions

    Hi all, I bought this Waltham clock cheap because it had some interesting features I've never seen on a Waltham Banjo (or Willard Style) clock: 1. The base had a god awful gold paint on it. I stripped the gold paint and I am starting to think that the base was made to be gilded ? I could...
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    American E. Howard Number 70-24 in Boston area

    This post is also on the "clock construction" MB but that board doesn't have as much activity. I hope it's OK to post here as well: My cousin (John) and I had previously built 10 George Hatch Keyhole clocks and 10 E. Howard Number 6 figure 8 clocks. We are now starting our 3rd project...the E...
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    E. Howard 70-24 project....Need a few measurements

    My cousin (John) and I had previously built 10 George Hatch Keyhole clocks and 10 E. Howard Number 6 figure 8 clocks. We are now starting our 3rd project...the E. Howard Number 70-24 I have the 70-12, 70-14, 70-16 and 70-20 but can't find a 70-24 to take a few measurements Does anyone know of...
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    Tower clock 143 Main St Sandwich, MA

    I see 143 Main Street in Sandwich, MA is up for sale. Is anyone familiar with the tower clock in that former church or have pictures of the movement ? Was it electrified ? Still running ? Thanks Russ
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    Can anyone identify this clock ?

    These are the only 2 pictures my client sent. Dial is not signed. She said that the clock was taken off the wall during construction and now (of course) will not run properly Thanks for any help Russ
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    Is this a Gingerbread clock ?

    My friends father owns this clock. She sent me these 2 pictures. I told her it looks like a Gingerbread clock but I have no idea. Her father thinks it is a Waltham clock from 1917 (that's what it said on the back of the dial). lf anyone could shed some light on this Donna would be very...
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    Early Ansonia Brass & Copper Replacement Door Lock

    There are top and bottom locks that are identical (see pictures) I am missing one of the locks as well as the key. Does anyone know if this part is reproduced Thanks very much Russ
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    Current owner of the rights to the E. Howard & Co name

    I believe a gentleman in the south or mid west owns the rights to the E. Howard name. I have had no luck tracking him down. Would anyone happen to have his contact information ? Thanks Russ
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    E. Howard Round top movement that was just pulled out of Boston Church

    My cousin is a "do it yourself horologist" and recently acquired this E. Howard round top from a contractor that pulled it from a Shawmut Ave church in Boston. He's done a great job cleaning up the works (I told him to leave the paint original but he repainted it anyway. He matched paint as...
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    Shipper for clock from Fairfield, ME to Boston area

    I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum. I have to transport an E. Howard Number 75 clock from Fairfield, ME to Boston (or even So NH). It can be blanket wrapped. The shipper quoted $373 which is ridiculous. I'm wondering if anyone has a source for a shipper from ME to MA that I can...
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    Straightening a seconds bit

    Hi all I have an Ansonia Office Regulator (but it could be any clock) and am having trouble straightening out the seconds bit. I could widen the hole in the dial but would rather get it right. I'm just wondering if there is a trick other than trial and error (and pulling the dial off every time)...
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    Waltham Clock Company vs Waltham Watch and Clock Company Banjo Weight Movement

    So I have 2 Waltham Presentation clocks with the different movements. The older Waltham Clock Company movement has the familiar Geneva Stop while the newer Waltham Watch and Company movement has 2 wheels with one of the teeth on the bottom wheel slightly longer. Yet I can not see how these 2...
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    Source for Marble Dial Signature Strengthening (New England Area)

    I do tons of work with Linda Abrams of Waltham,MA for reverse painting on glass. She is tremendous and it is so great to have a local person when it comes to these delicate items. When it comes to signatures on dials I have always used Kathi Seiwert at Dial House II in Georgia. I have a...
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    Seth Thomas Head and Shoulders Movement question

    Hi all, My good buddy Howard Frisch gave me a Seth Thomas Adamantine Clock to clean up. I know very little about the movement (it does run and strike). The verge is broken and I was wondering if this part is readily available or if someone has one from parting out this type of movement. Thanks...
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    E. Howard Number 21 Marble Dial Restoration

    Hi all, I would like to restore this E. Howard marble dial. It is obvious that the arabic numerals were replaced by paint (and not very well) I believe the minute markers and numbers are bronze or brass. I would like to find a source that could duplicate these numerals. Even if brass I could...
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    E. Howard Number 27 or Number 28 Tie Down

    Happy New Year to all. I have an E. Howard Number 27 that is missing the tie down. With the very long rating assembly (or stem ) on the bottom of the pendulum the tie down used on all of those clocks must have been somewhat different than the conventional tie down. Here is one that I saw on...
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    E, Howard Signed Movement

    I've seen many signed E. Howard movements but can't recall seeing one signed E. Howard Clock Company (the original name of the company) and signed at the bottom of the movement. Movement is banjo size and looks quite authentic. Possible very early before Howard and Davis ?
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