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  1. paradise

    herschede tube sizes

    Anybody have the lengths of the set of Herschede 9 tube for the 1 3/8 diameter tubes? Randy used to sell these tubes and had them listed in his catalog but since he stopped dealing I have misplaced my copy. I am sure there are more than one set of measurements, if you have a reference to a set...
  2. paradise

    American question about Waltham tube clock dials

    I have four Waltham tube clocks and I notice the fretwork and center of those fancy dials are different. Two if them are hand cut similar to Herschede or Elliot but two of them are cast or poured soft metal with a brass or gold plating. From a few feet distance they all appear to be made the...
  3. paradise


    At quick glance the round dial of an IBM master clock would be called black numerals on a white background but on closer inspection the white starts to have a little brownish [?] in it or maybe some grey or maybe oyster. I am curious as to what other people see when they look at it, is it white...
  4. paradise

    IBM curious questions about IBM master

    Two curious things I noticed about the IBM works: firstly at each arbor on the plate where the arbor goes into the plate there are some cups which look like oil sinks but are not shaped properly and are usually facing in. My suspicion is that they are punched at each location during manufacture...
  5. paradise

    one minute impulse device

    I rigged up a device which moves the winding ratchet one tooth a minute. I replaced the original 59 tooth wheel with a 60 tooth wheel to avoid over winding. I ran it a few days and its working fine but I am afraid to just let it go so I stopped it. I cant tell from looking at the spring if it is...
  6. paradise

    invar / carbon pendulum rods opinion

    I am making a few pendulum rods out of carbon fiber 1/4 in shaft for seconds beat time only clocks. The bob is a cylinder 2 in. dia. 10 inches long, similar to that of IBM master clocks. All the information I can look up tells me that carbon fiber has a coefficient of thermal expansion smaller...
  7. paradise

    complaint about participation

    I, for one, look forward to looking through this forum daily. I appreciate the wisdom and experience contributed by so many people with experience. That being said I would like to see more participation. If you read down the topics and view the responses there are too many ones { 1 } indicating...
  8. paradise

    Timing marks on vienna reg strike train

    three contacting gears on the strike side have small circular dots on one of the arms of the gear. To me it seems obvious that they have to align somehow. I can see a few different ways they could line up. I don't know the designation of each gear but they are the one with the pins that lift the...
  9. paradise

    Question on International mercury pendulum.

    According to all I have read the International 60 beat master clock has one of three different pendulums. The one with the double steel tubes is supposed to be a mercury pendulum however I have, over time, had three different people tell me that in spite of a very similar appearance not all the...
  10. paradise

    Anybody know what this is?

    If I can figure out how to post a picture. Has anybody seen this model before. It looks like a Seth Thomas case but is obviously International. The screws holding the dial on suggest its not the standard International movement nor is it the weighted wind system. I dont have this clock but...
  11. paradise

    Ibm weight driven pulleys giveaway

    This is not a sale its a giveaway. I dont know if the selling rules apply but here it is. I am giving away a set of pulleys for an IBM weight driven mechanism to someone who needs them. They are not in first class shape but came from a working clock. If you pay the shipping I will package them...
  12. paradise

    international escape wheel size

    I am going to make some escape wheels for the international 60 beat master clocks. I have several and have measured the thickness and diameter of those that I have. Due to having been used over the years and who knows what other factors I end up with about 0.010 discrepancy across dozens of...
  13. paradise

    ads blocking colomb

    Is it my computer or the website? I am getting about 70 to 90 percent of the columb blocked, leaving a slim margin on the left for the text, by some sort of add or some google something. Is there anything that can be done about it, or is it all in my computer?
  14. paradise

    Info on Simplex wall clock

    Hello all: I'm looking for some information on a large Simplex wall clock called Executive wall Clock. Its large with a 24 inch dial. It is part number 550-032. The coils do not have a voltage stamped on them but have a part number of 542-040. Its very clean and all the gears and associated...
  15. paradise

    international weight driven weights

    A quick question for anyone who knows. I believe I read somewhere that the driving weights for an invar pendulum and a mercury pendulum is different than the weights for a wood stick pendulum. If anyone knows the difference it would be great if you could pass on the info. I think I remember...
  16. paradise

    looking for thread size on IBM master

    I recently got an IBM seconds beat regulator works with a center sweep seconds hand. The minute hand is held on with a nut of a size very close to but a little smaller than 1/4 20. I have tried several close to that smaller and larger including mm to no avail: does anyone know the size of that...
  17. paradise

    follow up on did anyone else build their own clock

    Looking at the thread " Anyone Else Build Their Own Clock " page 7 post # 100: the picture on the upper left of 2 incomplete clocks leaning on a shelf. I am posting a few pictures of them completed. I have to make some hands for one.
  18. paradise

    Odball ibm/itr movements

    A couple of strange looking movements I recently got. I don't know enough to even guess their purpose. Anyone want to hazard a guess?
  19. paradise

    IBM measurement help please

    If anybody knows, I have an IBM weight driven clock which has no bearing balls in the gear shaft that gets driven. Does anyone know the precise size of those balls so I can find some replacements? Thank you all, paradise
  20. paradise

    gear sizes of ITR IBM models

    I recently got several IBM master clock works all of seconds beat. In measuring the diameter of each gear of each model I noticed a variation of 30 or up to 60K difference yet what installed they all seemed to be interchangeable. I know clock gears do allow some slack which frequently saves me...
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