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  1. Carl Bergquist

    A Gilbert that has had a rough life

    The pictures below are an old Gilbert movement with a very interesting dial feature. I have found a good picture of what this beat adjuster is supposed to look like. If one tried to rebush the top of this it would be very easy to create the mess that you see. The back view (third picture) shows...
  2. Carl Bergquist

    Ansonia B 24 problem solved

    This is just a big THANK YOU to this forum. To all the newbies, I hope you appreciate how much knowledge is contained in the archives. I am not a newbie but far from a pro. I have been chasing my tail around trying to set the strike on an Ansonia B 24 movement, being very well acquainted with...
  3. Carl Bergquist

    A Neuchatel project.

    Pictured below is a clock I found about thirty years ago. I didn't know what it was but the movement amazed me and I saved my money and bought it. At the time I was a member of chapter 47 (Milwaukee) and learned from the members that I had a Neuchatel, but details beyond that were not very...
  4. Carl Bergquist

    Altitude Problem

    This problem has been discussed many times over the years, but here it goes again. I have a three weight Vienna that has been running quite well in my basement for over a year. I also have a two weight upstairs that has been getting persnickety. So I thought I would trade places with the two. It...
  5. Carl Bergquist

    To fix this or live with it.

    I have had this for many years. It has been running most of the time but can get fussy. So I took it off the wall and set it up in my basement. With the face off I was surprised how out of level the movement looked. The back of the clock has only one set of screw holes (five) and the two that...
  6. Carl Bergquist

    Is it broken?

    The left pinwheel with the related hammer mechanism (eighteen pins) and the right pinwheel with the hammer mechanism. ( nine pins) Off of a three train movement. Do I have a broken part or does the number of pins account for the difference? I know that setting these up is going to be hard. I...
  7. Carl Bergquist


    A few years back I was told to take all the clock parts from a very good friends estate. There were some very nice movements and other stuff but not well documented or organized. Mostly Ansonia visible escape movements but a few "other". I have posted one of the "others". I think it is a very...
  8. Carl Bergquist

    Ingraham 12/23 Clock in slow motion.

    This is the Ingraham that has been waiting 30 years for me to learn how to make it run. The other Ingraham threads from the last couple of days helped me get it in sort of working order. A picture of the repair signature showing that I really didn't need to clean the movement. A couple of...
  9. Carl Bergquist

    Mechanical part of an old electric Ingraham

    I don't usually tinker with electric clocks. BUT a close friend asked me to look at this old Ingraham (1930s). I am posting on this forum because the electrical parts of this clock are fine as far as I can see. It is a model SSD 2 and the motor powers the main shaft which runs the second hand...
  10. Carl Bergquist

    Ansonia Minerva

    I have had this clock for many years and now with all this free time decided to see if I could make it look better. I have not run the clock in years, but I put it on the test stand and it runs well. It is clean no oil drips the brass is a little dark. The case is dull and boring. The pictures...
  11. Carl Bergquist

    Sonora Rear Movement Hints.

    I have just replaced the mainspring in the Seth Thomas 90B rear chime movement. (That spring is a little scary) Its done and back in the movement and all my fingers still work. I have worked on several of these and they are rather simple as far as power goes but every one I have seems to...
  12. Carl Bergquist

    Lacquer and cold metal?

    Just sprayed some clear lacquer on the Ansonia Crystal regulator brass parts that I had cleaned and three of the big parts turned out a little pimply. Not the movement parts but the case parts. My basement isn't real cold. I'm guessing that I need the heat this space up and try again.
  13. Carl Bergquist

    How to tell if you have enough power.

    I am working on a problematic Ansonia style (unmarked) crystal regulator. It will run for hours at times, only minutes at other times. I have marked teeth but it only stops on the same tooth once in a while. I have Porters book on the brocot and the escapement and the motion of the discharge...
  14. Carl Bergquist

    Three weight skipping problem.

    I have a three weight Vienna with the quarter striking train "skipping". What I mean is that it will repeat the count 1,2,3 or 4 many times over before it stops and triggers the count train. So, after a day or two the right weight will be very low or on the bottom of the case. I have removed the...
  15. Carl Bergquist

    How could I get so lucky? Almost.

    Many years ago I had bought a german (?) wall clock that was cheap and nice looking. I quickly discovered that all of the strike side of the movement was gone except the winding arbor. It ran for a long time but eventually ended up under a bed gathering dust. My wife gave it to me the other day...
  16. Carl Bergquist

    What does this do?

    The other day I posted a question about a very nice eight bell movement with a hand problem and the problem was resolved with your help. I began to listen to the tune on the bells, I could not resist. It is not a tune I know and when I noticed two missing pins on the barrel which I fixed I still...
  17. Carl Bergquist

    Hand stops moving but movement keeps running.

    My friend has a wonderful 8 bell movement. He was told it is a Williamson. It will run and chime for a day or two but at 6 minutes to ten at some point the minute hand stops, but the movement will continue to run until the week is up. I have been watching it and have had it pass the 6 minutes to...
  18. Carl Bergquist

    Buyers regret.

    Went to the Elkhorn Wisconsin flea market Sunday just for something to do. I was minding my own business when I heard a tiny voice "Carl help me". I looked and saw a small mantle clock with a tear in its left winding hole. I was smitten and it was cheap. However, I found that it is a Seth Thomas...
  19. Carl Bergquist

    Test Stand for Ansonia Round Crystal regulator movement.

    I have several test stands, but none of them work really well on the round movement that Ansonia uses it many of its crystal regulators. Has anyone made their own or have one that works well on this type of movement?
  20. Carl Bergquist

    Moving Moon dial problem.

    I couple of weeks ago this site helped me with my uncles grandfather clock cleaning. I am now trying to put the face on the works with a moon dial. The attached picture shows all the parts I have and the way it came to me. There is no way it could function as it stands. The chisel point should...
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