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    Haller movement striking problem

    Hi all I wonder if someone can help me with a striking problem on a Haller movement. The clock keeps time well and strikes as it should the hours and the half hour. Except that at 1 o'clock it strikes 13 times. I have removed the rack hook and snail and cleaned them and turned the snail one...
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    Identify and date possible German clock

    Hi I wonder if anyone can identify and date the clock in the attached photos. There is no manufacturer markings on the movement, just a number and a star on the spring casing. It looks German, possibly early 20's?? Thanks
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    Help identify clock and movement age

    Hi all Can someone please help to identify and date this poor wall clock and movement. There are no marks or symbols on the case or the movement, but it is just managing to work although dripping with oil.
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    H A C clock identification

    Hi all Can any of you knowledgeable people provide some information and date this clock with the attached photos. It has a typically French look but the movement is H.A.C with the double cross arrow markings but no other information. It has a very long pendulum which hangs from the suspension...
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    Strike once on the hour

    Hi I am new to this so please bear with me. I have a Kienzle clock which has seen better days. I attach photos. I have cleaned the pivots and oiled them and it is running well Except that at times it strikes only once on the hour. I have checked that there are 2 pins on the minute wheel which...
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    German clock identification?

    Hi I acquired a mantel clock recently for which I attach photos. It needs a lot of tlc although the movement seems to be ok. I believe this to be German, but can someone identify the manufacturer and approximate date please?
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    Date that Haller

    Hi Newbie here with a new interest in vintage clocks and finding this forum very helpful and informative. I have acquired a Haller clock and would very much like to know approximate age. I have attached some photos. My guess is 1926 to 1930 although I have seen some Hallers as late as...
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