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    New York New York Self Winding Clock

    Just purchased this a couple of weeks ago and finally got it up on the wall. I believe it's a #16 but I've seen some sites say a #9. It has a rotary movement but only 2 sets of coils not the usual 3 sets. Wood is blk walnut came out really nice after all the dirt and dust was removed. On the...
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    Help ID this E. Howard

    Found this in a basement garage of an older home in PA. It had been there for several years. The Couple said they had inherited it and it was supposed to have hung in a College. I found a paper inside stating it was a bell system Old Main. I was siting on a couple of old saw horse stands and...
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    Atmos Question

    Hello. I recently purchased an Atmos clock, the baby Atmos. It will run for 3 or 4 days then stop. Sometimes when it stops the minute hand will spin freely. If I reach in and manually wind the mainspring with my finger the clock will run again. It runs and keeps accurate time. But in a couple of...
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    Help With Tavern Clock ID

    Recently purchased this clock just trying to see if anybody can help with identifying the age and maker. No marks on the works or anywhere on the face or case I can see. There are several names and dates penciled in on the inside of the case. The names seem to be possibly people or workers of...
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    Cuckcoo Clock Question

    I recently purchased this Cuckcoo clock and would like to know who made it and how old it is. I purchased it at a local antique shop and they didn't know. It was very dirty and the bellows material was so old it just fell apart. I ordered new bellows tops from TS and cleaned and oiled the...
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    Seth Thomas #17

    I just purchased a ST#17 and when I removed the movement to clean and oil it I found this. It's a lever or arm clamped on the verge shaft. It sticks up about an inch, but doesn't do anything, except rotate with the verge. Anybody have any idea of what it's purpose is. Doesn't look original...
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    Seth Thomas Cottage Clock

    Just found this in one of the local shops yesterday. It's a small ST cottage clock. Looks to be in pretty good shape. I think it's called a Cottage Extra it's 15" tall. I believe it has the 8 day works? Its been running and chiming fine for the past several hours. It has the original dial that...
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    Rolex Watch Needs Service

    Hello. My Son has a friend that has a Rolex that needs repaired. They think it needs a mainspring? Is there anybody in NE Ohio that we could bring it to for service? Thanks for any help. Gjp
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    Ansonia General

    Just thought I would post a couple of pics of my newest clock. Bought this a couple of months ago and it's been running strong and keeping excellent time. Lots of the history is documented on the 2 dial support boards.Looks like one person owned the clock for some time. It came to me in really...
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    Gilbert Sweep Second Movement

    Hello, Question on the minute hand. The minute hand has approx. +- 30 sec movement looks like just play between the gears. Is there a way to eliminate this so the hand will be more in a fixed position and move with the escape wheel? I did take the works apart to clean and then oil, no left over...
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    ST #1 Calendar

    Just up on the wall today. Last of the 4 clocks I purchased last month. I've always wanted a dbl dial calendar clock. I had to modify the non original pendulum so it could be adjusted w/o reaching your hand down inside the clock. So far it's working out nicely. Took me awhile to get the lift to...
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    Nice old Gilbert Wall Clock

    Just finished hanging it up on the wall and thought i'd share a couple of pictures. Anybody know what the difference is between black walnut and walnut or are they the same? Thanks all and have a nice day
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    E Howard Question

    I just purchased a E Howard & Co Boston Wall clock. I disassembled the works to clean them and when I was reassembling them I noticed engraved on one of the gears. The person who assembled it a date and Boston Mass. Is this common for Howard clocks this is my first one?
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    ST #1 Extra T&S

    I haven't posted anything for awhile so I thought I would share my latest find. I found this last Friday when I left work early and went to one of the local shops. I was told it was found in an attic in the Cleveland, ohio area. It has several dates written inside the earliest written in pencil...
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    Waltham #73?

    I have a chance to purchase a Waltham wall clock. I have not seen it yet but it was described as a #73? in oak. Supposed to be all original. Can anybody send me a picture of a #73 if there is one or suggest a site to go look. Any info on what to look for or how much to pay, would help. thanks
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    Gravity clock

    Does anybody know how to adjust the balls on one of these clocks? It has been cleaned and oiled and runs just fine w/o trying to engage the verge assembly. The clock will drop fast and smooth. As soon as i engage the assembly with the balls attached it runs for a couple of seconds and stops. I...
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    Kroeber Wall Regulator

    I got this on ebay a couple of weeks ago. The ebaydescription did not mention several things about the clock that were veryevident once I received it. The description was meant to deceive the buyer.Once I contacted the seller he agreed that he could have better described theclock. I requested a...
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    My First Ansonia

    I found this clock locally last week and couldn't pass it up. I was hoping to find the weight driven version of the Capitol, but this one is very nice. I think it's all original except for the hanger it looks like someone has changed it for some reason. The finials were in a box when i picked it...
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    Sorley Of Glasgow Clock

    Hello, Just recently purchased this clock on Ebay. All I know is it was made by Robert and James Sorley of Glasgow. Not sure if it's suppose to be a floor standing or wall clock. I found a picture which shows the clock at 62" with trim around the bottom. Mine is 59" and flat. Also from the...
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    New clock room.

    Not sure if this fits here. I finally got a clock room or a newly aquired room to hang all of my clocks. My Son has just moved into his first condo and i took over the living room where he has been for the past few years. I don't have them all up on the wall yet but i think it coming out ok...
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