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    Waterbury #44 calendar

    I have two Waterbury #44 Calendar clocks both with painted glass, black with gold striping. I do not find this glass treatment in any of the books. The #44 in all of the books I own show a wooden background/insert behing the glass with a clear glass door. Does anyone know what year or years...
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    Clock Looking for cuckoo clocks

    email me at
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    Waterbury Calendar 44

    Contact me at Thank you
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    Waterbury Calendar 44

    Yes, I have an original door. I will send a picture later today.
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    Torsion 400-Day, ATMOS, & Torsion Clock Parts Wanted

    I have quite a few 400 day clocks in versions conditions but good for lots of parts. I can send you pictures if you want.
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    Clock Looking for cuckoo clocks

    I have a few I could send you. Do you want them in any condition?
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    Waterbury Calender clock model 44

    Have you found all of the parts for your Waterbury Calendar #44?
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    Waterbury Calendar 44

    Are you still looking for a door?
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    Herschede Clock Movements

    I have a Herschede Tambour Westminster clock that has a movement that needs the chime silence mechanism repaired. The chime silence is operated with the key. Someone has wound it around until the brass arm is broken off. Are there any pictures of Herschede movements other than the pictures in...
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    Paper dial replacements

    I am looking for dial replacements for a Gilbert Galusha Maranville clock. Top dial is 15" across. Does anyone print such dials?
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